5 of The Best Value CBD Brands for 2019

Best Value CBD Brands 2019

When searching for CBD, we understand that the first hurdle for many interested users is sorting through each of the various brands and use types to decide which option is best for you. Often times the cheapest CBD doesn’t give the very best results, and the most expensive CBD isn’t always by default the best choice. Have no fear because we at Premium CBD Supply have spent countless hours sorting through hundreds of brands to bring you the best CBD brands at the most competitive prices possible. We believe that everyone should be able to find the CBD relief they are searching for at the top shelf value that they deserve. Let’s dive into 8 of the best value CBD brands of 2019!

The Best CBD at the Best Price!

CBDistillery – Coming to you from the center of the hemp universe, this Colorado manufacturer has already earned a reputation for providing outstanding quality at very reasonable prices. Presenting an array of tinctures, CBDistillery provides a no frills CBD experience that simply delivers. Browse their selection of high concentration tinctures and discover the value that has helped to propel CBDistillery to renown within the industry and which continues to result in repeat customers time and time again.

Naked 100 CBD – A name made famous from the traditional vapor industry, Naked 100 is known for its unyielding focus on excellence in manufacturing. Specializing in crafting delicious flavor combinations, they deliver once again with their impeccably blended flavors in CBD tinctures. Naked 100 CBD offers all of their products at extremely competitive price points which when coupled with their well known reliability and flavor experience, make them a hit among value shoppers.

Koi CBD – Few brands have blazed the CBD trail quite as effectively as Koi, and the southern California based manufacturer has established itself as a premier choice among daily CBD users. Their Koi CBD Balm in particular has garnered rave reviews. Perfect for those who push their bodies or those who simply seek a hemp extract infused topical, the value is impossible to miss. Available in a choice of two sizes, this is a high quality CBD topical that steps up to the challenge and offers top shelf bang for your buck.

CBDfx – A nearly unbelievably wide selection of CBD choices await when you consider CBDfx. With products ranging nearly every category imaginable, this southern California based manufacturer has aimed to innovate in every way they can. Experience their terpene infused gummies and more, and discover why their combination of quality and value has helped to make CBDfx one of the most sought after brands available today.

SMPLSTC CBD – A relative newcomer to the hemp world, the team at SMPLSTC has been steadily gaining recognition thanks to their dedication to putting out world class products. A keen focus on minimal ingredients and purpose chosen terpenes provides users with a curated experience that is hard to beat. Factor in a very reasonable pricing structure and you are left with one of the best value propositions in all of CBD.

Pachamama CBD – Another famous flavor creator from the traditional vapor side who has made the jump over to CBD, Pachamama has reinvented itself as a unique option for those who seek to expand their horizons. By incorporating natural Asian holistic elements and their signature classic label design Pachamama has shown that it is not simply interested in following the herd. All this, and a price point which is in line with its peers offers a value packed lineup of tinctures and CBD topicals!

Even More Value with Premium CBD Supply!

At Premium CBD Supply we work day in and day out to bring you the very best CBD available anywhere at the lowest prices possible. We intend for our online CBD store to be welcoming to users of all budgets. We add to this value by providing our famous industry leading customer support and shipping service that is sure to make buying CBD online with us an experience you look forward to. Come experience the very best hemp extract on the market while making sure that your wallet goes further than ever!