5 of the Most Innovative CBD Products of 2019

2019 was a breakout year for CBD, with more consumers becoming educated and ultimately becoming users. The legacy industry heavyweights like CBDistillery, Extract Labs and Bluebird Botanicals have become household names. With seemingly hundreds of options hitting the market, we at Premium CBD Supply have spent countless hours researching brands and products to bring you only the most reputable and sought after products on the market. One of the exciting implications of this explosion in popularity of CBD is the innovation that has come about as a result. From unique ingredients to creative edibles all the way to brand new applications, there have been no shortage of great ideas that have made their way into the CBD world. Now that the end of the year is upon us, its time that we explore 5 of the most innovative CBD products of 2019!

●    Pachamama CBD Tinctures

Pachamama CBD made a big splash in its debut earlier this summer. With absolutely no shortage of tinctures on the market, the Colorado based team decided to do something a bit out of the ordinary. In addition to their outstanding full spectrum hemp extract, each tincture is infused with ingredients inspired by traditional chinese wellness. Explore exotic options like black pepper, turmeric, goji, cacao, kava kava root, ylang ylang and holy basil each expertly blended with the full spectrum hemp extract. Pachamama CBD certainly took a bold step outside of the box with this array of tinctures, and have cemented themselves as one of 2019’s must try innovative choices.

●    Bish CBD Edibles

Edibles are not a new development in the CBD space, but as users try to find more ways to seamlessly bring CBD into their routine, innovative options are highly valued. It is for exactly this purpose that Bish CBD has introduced their finely crafted teas and honeys, expertly formulated in order to deliver a satisfying and delicious CBD experience.  Start your morning the right way with an earl gray tea complete with water soluble CBD. Tea not your thing? Broad spectrum hemp extract infused honey can be eaten directly out of the jar, or added to you favorite recipe or snack! No matter your preferences, the high quality CBD offerings from Bish CBD serve to make your routine just that much more tasty.

●    AVOS CBD Body Butter

Avos CBD differs from the others in this list, as they only produce one product. Luckily for all of us, this one product is exceptional. Approaching the CBD topical category from a slightly different angle, they have borrowed their key ingredient from the best sellers list of the traditional wellness market. Avocado has been recognized by wellness enthusiasts as having very uniquely helpful properties, and even beyond the hemp world has been among the hottest trends of 2019. Avos certainly earns a spot on this list for their creative and innovative blend of top quality full spectrum CBD, and top shelf avocado oil.

●    Cryofreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On

Not necessarily an innovation as far as application, but certainly an innovation as far as approach, Cryofreeze CBD came roaring onto the scene with a strict focus on using the power of science alongside broad spectrum CBD. This is one of the first mainstream brands to be developed by a highly respected team of scientists, delivering an active lifestyle solution that does not disappoint. The Cryofreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On delivers not only the aforementioned broad spectrum hemp extract, but also a cooling menthol alongside a list of ingredients that cannot be found elsewhere. Any user seeking to supplement their active lifestyle routine would be remiss not to consider this top shelf cold treatment roll-on.

●    Canna Intimate by Rx Canna Care

Incorporating CBD into the bedroom is probably not something that first comes to mind when one thinks of hemp extract products. The team at Rx Canna Care had only one question. Why not? With Canna Intimate they introduce a series of intimate massage oils infused with the high quality CBD for which they have become well known. Discover unique options specially formulated for men and for women, and even one selection that is suited for either. The same great experience that Rx Canna Care has brought you in each of their products now has the opportunity to enter your bedroom in one of the most innovative options to emerge over the past year.

Nonstop Innovation at Premium CBD Supply

One of our foremost missions is to ensure that our selection of world class CBD products includes something for everyone. As the market continues to expand we are dedicated to ensuring that we are always on the cutting edge of applications, trends and more in order to continue to provide our valued customers with only the best selection of hemp extracts from the leading manufacturers. 5 of the most innovative CBD products of 2019 have been detailed here and represent just a fraction of the wide assortment of choices that are available to you right now. We are excited to go into 2020 with a firm commitment to continue adding the very best CBD products available, alongside the industry leading customer support and shipping service that has made Premium CBD Supply your one stop shop for buying CBD online!