Advantages of CBD Capsules

CBD Tinctures, gummies, vapables and topicals may get the lion’s share of the attention, but the advantages of CBD capsules might just be the best kept secret in CBD. Foregoing flavors and creative applications for the simple and classic effectiveness of softgels, CBD capsules solve a number of difficulties for CBD newcomers and veterans alike. The ability to fine tune a serving size with exacting precision coupled with tasteless and discreet usage make for a CBD choice that is both convenient and precise. In this article we will highlight these advantages of CBD capsules and introduce some of our favorite CBD softgel manufacturers available right now at Premium CBD Supply.

Advantages of CBD Capsules: Precise Serving Sizes

In our previous article, “How To Choose A Tincture Strength” we discussed how to choose the strength of the CBD serving size that best fits an individual’s needs. We went further and broke down in a simple fashion how to best approximate that serving size with tinctures using the dropper as a metric. A huge and often overlooked advantage of CBD Capsules over the tincture method is easily seen when comparing the ease of matching an intended serving size. With CBD softgels, each capsule is metered out to an exact milligram figure. Once you’ve chosen an ideal serving strength, it is a simple question of which concentration softgel, and how many at a time are needed to reach this target. Need help choosing a CBD strength? Let’s recap.

There are many different factors that come into play when deciding which CBD strength is the right fit. Factors such as your age, weight, tolerance levels, and unique body chemistry can all affect how you respond to CBD. This is helpful to understand, but getting into the right neighborhood and from there fine tuning the strength is required. To do this, we will do a simple body weight calculation. It is recommended that a newcomer to CBD use 1-6mg of CBD for every 10 pounds of body weight. A 180 pound person would thus aim to consume approximately between 18-108mg of CBD per serving. It is always recommended that a first time user of CBD start at the bottom of that range, and increase the strength until reaching the level at which they recognize the desired effects. Once this level is established CBD capsules are a simple and precise way to deliver your ideal serving size.

Advantages of CBD Capsules: CBD Capsules Travel Well

For many, taking CBD is a private matter. CBD capsules on the other hand draw much less attention and allow the user the discretion to use their favorite hemp extract without a second thought. Most capsules and softgels come in a small container that can easily be placed in a desk drawer or carried in a purse. When it comes to being simple and discreet, no other range of CBD products offer such a solution for the user who seeks to keep their CBD routine as private as possible.

CBD Softgels at Premium CBD Supply

At Premium CBD Supply, our only mission is to offer a vast range of CBD options from the best CBD brands on the market. CBD capsules and CBD softgels are strongly represented, with a number of different manufacturers and options available to our customers. Here are a few of our favorites;

CBD Softgels by CBDistillery – A fine example of a company who takes hemp and wellness incredibly seriously, CBDistillery is counted on by many as a top tier producer of CBD products. Presenting both a full spectrum hemp extract option and a CBD isolate option, CBDistillery succeeds once again in providing an ideal choice for those seeking accurate serving sizes and flexibility.

CBD Capsules by Lazarus Naturals – This Oregon based team at Lazarus Naturals has produced a wide range of capsules to help CBD users fine tune their serving size needs even more. With multiple concentrations of full spectrum CBD extract, it is easier than ever to reach your desired serving strength with the fewest number of capsules possible. CBD isolate options are also available for those seeking a zero THC option, in both a nighttime relaxation blend and day time energy blend.

Each of these three brands exemplify the advantages of CBD capsules have created thousands of satisfied users. Discover these, and many more CBD capsule options available right now at Premium CBD Supply. Find the perfect choice for your needs, while at the same time enjoying the industry leading shipping service and personalized customer support that has made Premium CBD Supply your first choice when it comes to buying CBD online. Be sure to check back often, because in addition to the hundreds of CBD products available right now, we are constantly adding more in our quest to be the best online CBD shop the internet has to offer.