Best CBD Beauty Products for Spring 2020

Those who are looking to add CBD to their beauty regimen have certainly been presented a wide range of options. Some may even go as far as to say that the broad selection of brands can be downright overwhelming to a CBD newcomer. In addition to maintaining the largest selection of the leading CBD brands possible, we at Premium CBD Supply pride ourselves on ensuring that our valued customers are as well informed as possible. Whether you are seeking an active lifestyle topical, the perfect tincture for daily use, or the complete beauty and skincare product to fit your needs, we are committed to ensuring that your search is as simple as possible. Today we will highlight five of the best CBD beauty products for spring 2020, that men and women alike can’t seem to get enough of!

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Silk CBD Lotion

Offering a full spectrum blend paired with natural oils, Hemp Silk lives up to its name with brilliance. Arriving to your door in a perfectly convenient squeeze bottle, the team at Bluebird Botanicals have clearly put a strong emphasis on formulating an excellent skin maintenance lotion, even before one factors in their top quality CBD. Enjoy all of the well known benefits of coconut oil and jojoba oil among others, while integrating the full spectrum hemp extract that has made the Colorado based CBD brand famous.

Lazarus Naturals CBD Balm

The Oregon based Lazarus Naturals is well known for setting a high standard when it comes to presenting top quality CBD products. Their array of balms are perfectly suited to reinforce that reputation, and have been earning daily users for years. Available in a wide selections of scents, as well as unscented, the full spectrum Lazarus Naturals balms embrace the very best of mother nature. Beeswax and mango butter create the foundation for a naturally inspired topical balm that has found many uses in the daily skin regimen of both men and women.

cbdMD Revive CBD Lotion

Although best known for its popularity among active lifestyle adults, cbdMD has shown once again that the North Carolina based hemp extract manufacturer is not a one trick pony. Revive CBD Lotion sets out to carry their well known attention to quality and high standards into the beauty realm with its CBD isolate powered lotion. Pairing their widely appreciated isolate blend with a natural and refreshing lineup of ingredients including shea butter, acai berry, passionfruit and rice bran, cbdMD has earned a worthy place in the moisturizing routine of many CBD users.

Urth CBD Cocoa Butter CBD Lotion

Understanding trends is something that the team behind Urth CBD takes great pride in. The emergence of cocoa butter in the beauty and wellness space as an ingredient of choice has been well documented, and Urth CBD has been quick to deliver an outstanding CBD infused option. Pairing their highly respected full spectrum CBD blend with the well known moisturizing abilities of cocoa butter makes for a dream team of ingredients for whom the results speak for themselves.

Nirvana CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Body Lotion

Nirvana CBD has made it a priority to introduce products to the CBD market which are beyond comparison to other similar options. They have achieved this through the use of unique ingredients, often inspired from traditional Chinese remedies. Their Broad Spectrum CBD Body Lotion is no exception, bringing with an exotic ylang ylang, alongside a wide spectrum of natural ingredients. Let the moisturizing essence of coconut oil and chamomile work their magic on your skin, while at the same time incorporating a broad spectrum CBD extract that is sure to satisfy. The Broad Spectrum CBD Body Lotion from Nirvana CBD is a prime example as to why the brand has been rapidly becoming a leader in the hemp extract space.

The Best CBD Beauty Products for Spring 2020

These outstanding CBD infused beauty lotions and creams represent just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the choices available. There are dozens of choices that could have easily made our list, and certainly those not included each offer unique highlights which have earned them a place in the Premium CBD Supply catalog. Whether you are searching for a full spectrum cream or a broad spectrum lotion, we remain committed to ensuring that our valued customers have only the most robust and trusted brands at their disposal. We continue to monitor the ever expanding CBD marketplace, so expect to see even more options in the coming weeks! As always, we invite you to indulge yourself in the best CBD beauty products available today, while at the very same time enjoying the industry leading customer support and shipping service that has made Premium CBD Supply your one stop shop when it comes to buying CBD online!