The Best CBD Oil Flavors for 2019

best cbd flavors for 2019

The CBD oil rage is on! With so many exciting possibilities tied to this wondrous hemp-derived oil, everyone from college students to their grandmothers is trying it.

However, not everybody’s so keen on the natural flavor of hemp. And CBD oil companies know this, which is why they’re offering flavored CBD oils to satisfy everyone’s taste buds.

Here’s our list of the best CBD oil flavors of the year.

The Best Flavored CBD Oils

What does CBD oil taste like? Well, it’s earthy, nutty, and even a bit tingly.

While not exactly medicinal-tasting, CBD doesn’t please everyone’s palate. That’s why the following flavored CBD oils are among the most popular.


SMPLSTC‘s full-spectrum CBD oil blends come in sophisticated flavors for discriminating users. ACTV is an energizing and fruity combination of strawberry and blood orange.

Reach for ACTV in the mornings and afternoons, or whenever you’re dreaming of a warmer climate. It’s a fantastic flavor to fill you with summertime spirit all year long.

Tropical Melon CBD Oil by CBD Head Shots

Sweet, fruity Tropical Melon by CBD Head Shots is one of the best CBD oil flavors for 2019. The base of ripe, juicy melon is enhanced with an assortment of other tropical fruits for a taste that goes down easy.

If you’re a smoothie lover, globetrotter, or beachcomber, Tropical Melon is the CBD oil to put at the top of your wish list.

Lemon–Lime CBD Oil by Koi Naturals

Like your favorite soft drink or sports drink, Lemon–Lime by Koi Naturals is a crowd-pleaser. Not too sweet, this oil flavor has a hint of citrusy zing to pep up your CBD pop.

The crisp taste of lemon-lime is like a drink of life-giving sunshine—the perfect companion for your CBD needs.


Curl up with a cup of chamomile tea and SLP by SMPLSTC for a relaxing evening. This nighttime delight blends organic lavender with sweet honey for a soothing experience.

SLP is the best CBD oil flavor for you if you’re into an eco-friendly lifestyle, herbal remedies, and all things alternative.

Crazy Cookie CBD Oil by CBD Head Shots

If Mary Poppins were wild for cannabidiol, we bet she’d reach for Crazy Cookie by CBD Head Shots. After all, “a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” And if you have a sweet tooth, you’ll want to reach for this CBD oil too.

Of course, Crazy Cookie won’t have you floating in the air. But we think this oil is a recipe for magic: a butter pecan cookie accented with toffee vanilla cream and garnished with a drizzle of caramel.

Orange CBD Oil by Koi Naturals

Scrumptious citrus makes everything taste better. Just “C” for yourself: Try Orange by Koi Naturals.

Fresh, juicy orange flavor masks hemp’s distinctive taste without obliterating it. This fruity taste sensation is sure to please even the pickiest CBD users.

Spearmint CBD Oil by Koi Naturals

A Minty-fresh taste plus CBD. Get it with Spearmint by Koi Naturals.

Cool, sweet spearmint gives this oil a clean kick while delivering potent CBD in your preferred strength. With fruity, sweet, and unflavored CBD oils dominating the market, we find Spearmint to be a welcome alternative.

Peppermint CBD Oil by Urth

If spearmint CBD oil is a bit too sweet for you, try an icy blast of Peppermint by Urth.

Available in a variety of strengths to suit your needs, Peppermint CBD Oil is a full-spectrum CBD distillate. “Full-spectrum” means this oil is extracted directly from hemp plants and comprises a range of cannabinoids (not only cannabidiol), flavonoids, terpenes, and fatty acids.

The best CBD oils for minimalists: the anti-flavors

Why are we highlighting unflavored CBD oil in a post on the best CBD oil flavors? Because not everybody wants flavor. We get it. Here are a few of the top plain CBD oils.

CBD Avocado Oil Med Shots by CBD Fusion Tincture

No messing around! CBD Avocado Oil Med Shots by CBD Fusion Tincture is pure CBD goodness. Natural flavor and the nutrition of avocado oil are all you need with your dose of CBD.

CBDrop CBD Oil by CBDistillery Tincture

CBDrop is a blend of anhydrous hemp oil and coconut oil. You get the neat, simple flavors of these two oils, along with CBD in the potency of your choice.

Try the best CBD oil flavors and bookmark your faves

With new CBD flavors appearing all the time, you’ll soon develop your own list of go-to CBD oils. Many CBD users enjoy having a flavored oil on hand for direct intake plus an unflavored CBD oil for adding to smoothies and other drinks.

Try an oil from our list and leave a review to help others find their own top CBD oils.