Avos CBD comes to you from the beautiful state of New Jersey. Avocado has gotten a lot of attention for it’s status as a super-food as well as for it’s powerful rejuvenating properties. Combining the wonders of avocado with the significant benefits of full spectrum CBD is the brilliant move which has catapulted Avos CBD to nationwide attention. Using only cold pressed avocado oil, avocado butter, full spectrum CBD extract and arrowroot powder, their body butters are all natural and gluten free. In order to harness the pure power of hemp extract, the terpenes, amino acids, cannabinoids as well as chlorophyll all remain intact delivering an uncompromising level of relief. The result is a fine example of a naturally sourced solution for help maintaining and improving any active lifestyle. Topical CBD products are making more waves than ever as more consumers are discovering hemp extract. As many new topical products come to the mass market, high quality choices, quality assurance is all the more important. Each Avos product is independently lab tested, with the results available right here at Premium CBD Supply. Avos CBD Topical body butters represent the perfect all natural choice for addressing sore muscles, joint discomfort and skin rejuvenation. At Premium CBD Supply we are excited to offer Avos CBD topical body butters at the best prices available and with the personalized customer support and industry leading shipping you have come to expect.