Dinner Lady CBD is brought to you from Blackburn, England. This United Kingdom based team of flavor experts reached worldwide fame in the vapor world with its smash hit Lemon Tart E-Liquid. Now they turn their attention to CBD users everywhere, and bring with them their famous flavor blending skills and their dedication to top shelf quality. Dinner Lady CBD presents a selection of CBD oil tinctures and vape juice, incorporating delicious flavors into high quality hemp derived products. Flavor is the place where Dinner Lady CBD has made their biggest mark. A variety of flavors ranging from their ground-breaking lemon tart to the sweet fruit sensation of a British jelly indulgence offer just a glimpse into the possibilities. A variety of flavors for any palate as well as multiple strength levels ensure that there is a fit for nearly any set of preferences. Representing the perfect choice for those who do not prefer the raw and natural taste that generally comes along with full spectrum tinctures, Dinner Lady CBD offers a welcome escape from the norm. For those that value flavor and top level manufacturing, this is one line-up that is not to be missed. Discover the unique British flavor that has already made significant waves on this side of the pond, with the added bonus of full spectrum and CBD isolate. We are excited to offer the full range of Dinner Lady CBD products at the best prices available, and with the superior customer support and shipping service that has made Premium CBD Supply your one-stop shop when it comes to buying CBD online.