Elevate CBD Cosmetics comes to you from Los Angeles, California. As a female led company, Elevate has a unique perspective on the CBD marketplace. Believing that self care is not indulgent but rather a necessity, Elevate is focused squarely on presenting the world with innovative cosmetic solutions. Their expertise has earned them a reputation for quality and effectiveness which shines through in their wide product selection. Whether you are looking for moisturizerscollagen boostclarifying cleansers, or collagen masks Elevate has lovingly created something for you. The demand for topical hemp extract infused products is rapidly growing thanks in no small part to the creative and unique array of options available. Elevate is no exception, as is evidenced by their CBD infused facial masks in particular. The perfect way to relax while enjoying the benefits of hemp extract, there are several variations offered each designed with a separate goal in mind. Quality remains a cornerstone of the brand, with the entirety of their CBD being derived exclusively from American grown hemp. All lab reports are always available here at Premium CBD Supply on the product page, as well as in their entirety in the lab report section. Come find out why Elevate CBD Cosmetics has quickly become a leader in hemp skin care, and experience the quality first hand. At Premium CBD Supply we are excited to offer Elevate CBD Cosmetics products at the best prices available and with the quality support and shipping service you have come to expect.