Pachamama CBD is brought to you from the State of Colorado. An innovative approach to CBD oil is the hallmark of Pachamama and its fantastic line-up of tinctures, topicals and vape juice. Making the transition into the CBD from their former focus in the traditional vapor space, Pachamama brings a legacy of quality manufacturing with them. Not content with a simple switch in focus, the company was relocated from the southern California home of its parent company Charlies Chalk Dust, to the hemp focused State of Colorado. Such a commitment has resulted in a selection of hemp extracted CBD products that stand tall among established industry leaders. The wellness theme is unmistakable among the offerings, which is quickly evident through their unique tinctures. Pachamama CBD has chosen to incorporate various eastern medicine elements into their blends, from green tea and echinacea too kava kava and valerian root. Each have their own unique traditional use cases, to say nothing about the high quality full spectrum hemp extract which is outstanding in its own right. All hemp used by Pachamama CBD is American sourced, and independently lab tested in order to ensure only the most reliable and product. Each products lab results are available here at Premium CBD Supply under the lab report section for on-demand availability. Active lifestyle users will also appreciate the fantastic Athletic Rub, perfect for use after any strenuous activity. Now is the perfect time to experience the can’t miss innovation brought to you by Pachamama CBD, while at the same time enjoying the superior customer experience which has made Premium CBD Supply your one-stop shop for buying CBD online.