Rx Canna Care presents a broad selection of CBD topical products, each utilizing high quality CBD oils and expertly designed for targeted purposes. CBD cosmetics, relaxing scrubs and creams and even intimate massage oils are each carefully crafted to be the perfect solution for the task. Rx Canna Care’s Canna Cosmetics lineup is focused squarely providing users with high quality creams and moisturizers infused with full spectrum CBD. Keep your skin looking and feeling its very best with a list of options that ranges from CBD Retinol cream all the way to a top notch CBD firming formula. For those seeking similar benefits with a touch of indulgence comes the Relax Organics range. True to its name, this line-up of body scrubs and creams are designed to bring a level of relaxation to a wellness routine that is hard to beat. Full spectrum CBD blends with sea salt, sugar, or coffee in order to produce an invigorating body scrub that succeeds in making self-care a treat. The Canna Intimate line-up introduces a series of intimate massage oils, perfect for making an extra special night even better. With options designed specifically for men and for women, these CBD massage oils use minimal ingredients, geared toward those who prefer a holistic experience. All Rx Canna Care products are manufactured to the highest standards. All hemp used in the manufacturing process is sourced exclusively from American farms and each product is third party lab tested in order to ensure only the highest quality. All lab reports are available here at Premium CBD Supply on the products page as well as in our lab reports section. Discover the difference that Rx Canna Care delivers with their intense focus on the topical CBD experience, while at the same time enjoying the outstanding customer experience that has made Premium CBD Supply your one-stop shop for buying CBD online.