CBD For Women

The wide world of CBD offers choices of all shapes and sizes, and much of it is designed to appeal to anyone and everyone. When it comes to women focused products, there is more than enough variety to satisfy. From hemp extract infused options that are focused on relaxation, to a wide variety of beauty products, we are excited to highlight a selection of products that we think would make excellent additions to the daily routine of any woman. Here are 6 great choices that prove that when it comes to CBD for women, the leading hemp extract brands do not disappoint!

●    Urth CBD Cocoa Butter CBD Lotion

Urth CBD has quickly grown into a respected leader in the hemp space, and its brand new line-up of topicals is sure to go a long way towards increasing their recognition. Among the new topicals is the fantastic Cocoa Butter CBD Lotion. Bringing along with it Urth’s signature quality, this full spectrum lotion is the perfect choice for women who place a high value on daily moisturizing. The well known benefits of cocoa butter are made all the better when combined with the Urth full spectrum CBD oil, and promise to earn a spot in any woman’s daily moisturizing routine!

●    Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Silk CBD Lotion

Bluebird is without a doubt one of the pioneers in the CBD space, and their level of experience and longevity translate into exceptional products all around. Hemp Silk CBD Lotion in particular has proven to be a best-seller, especially in the female demographic. Hemp Silk lives up to is silky name by presenting a uniquely natural blend of jojoba oil and coconut oil alongside the Bluebird full spectrum hemp extract. The perfect option for any woman who seeks a convenient all day moisturizing lotion with the added bonus of industry leading hemp extract, Hemp Silk CBD Lotion by Bluebird Botanicals is a market leader for a number of very good reasons.

●    cbdMD Assorted 100mg CBD Bath Bombs

The hustle and bustle of modern day life means that when the opportunity for leisure arises, we try our very best to make the most of it. The team at cbdMD has presented a brilliantly indulgent choice with their assortment of CBD infused bath bombs. Offering six unique scents, this combination pack ensures that the relaxing and rejuvenating bath time experience that you deserve is never out of reach. So kick back, relax, and let your stress melt away with the assistance of CBD infused bath bombs brought to you by the respected and trusted team at cbdMD!

●    Elevate CBD Cosmetics CBD Wrinkle Eraser Mask

Life certainly has its way of taking its toll on our skin, and for many, wrinkles are a bothersome symptom that many women struggle with. Elevate CBD Cosmetics has produced a full line-up of CBD infused beauty products, each of which are primarily designed with women in mind. The CBD Wrinkle Eraser Mask is a strong highlight, incorporating collagen peptides and CBD isolate to help address the fine lines and wrinkles that are all too common. As indulgent as it is uplifting and refreshing, we’re sure that this well designed and high quality CBD facial mask will be a perfect addition to any self care routine.

●    Avos CBD Avocado CBD Body Butter

Certainly a front runner for most innovative product, Avos has taken the ever popular avocado and combined it with excellent full spectrum CBD to create a unique and naturally inspired body butter. No longer a trend that is exclusive to the health food store, avocado is an up and coming ingredient in the beauty and cosmetics space. Avos has managed to capture that trend perfectly, and the addition of their top quality hemp extract presents a hard to ignore topical that serves well across multiple different use cases. Melt the stress of daily life and stay on the forefront of CBD beauty and cosmetics innovation with Avos CBD Avocado CBD Body Butter.

●    CBDfx Rejuvediol CBD Face Serum

A leading manufacturer of top quality CBD products, CBDfx has built its strong reputation on the back of their effective and well crafted products. Careful not to neglect the rapidly expanding CBD cosmetics market, Rejuvediol CBD Face Serum has a vast amassed a steady following of users who absolutely swear by it. Bringing to the table a laundry list of essential oils and extracts paired with the CBDfx full spectrum hemp extract, Rejuvediol is a certified gift to your skin. No hemp based beauty routine is complete without having given consideration to Rejuvediol.

CBD For Women at Premium CBD Supply

When it comes to CBD for women, the impressive selection of options is only expected to expand. These six outstanding products are among our staff’s favorites, but only offer a brief glimpse into the wide catalog of choices that are available today. Now is the perfect time to add an indulgent and relaxing element to your daily routine. We are proud to offer the best selection of CBD for women, alongside our industry leading customer support and shipping service which has made Premium CBD Supply your one stop shop when it comes to buying CBD online!