CBD In The Kitchen

Wellness oriented individuals are not the type of person you are likely to spot at the local fast-food drive through. The addition of CBD to a wellness routine is likely to coincide with healthy habits, not the least of which is a clean diet. It should come as no surprise that adding CBD oils to healthy foods is quickly becoming a hot trend. A quick search on the web will yield countless results for recipes which incorporate CBD, and in this article we will discuss some easy ways to get started without making a mess of your kitchen.

CBD Coffee

Cafes across the country made headlines over the past year when they began introducing CBD oil infused blends. Boutique coffee shops have a way of attracting the wellness crowd, and for them the combination of CBD and artisan coffee is a brilliant one. Some may question whether or not the caffeine in coffee and the CBD will simply counteract each other, and unfortunately there is not a firm scientific understanding about how the two interact. It is also possible that CBD concentrations can degrade when added to hot beverages, resulting in lower potency. Consider letting your coffee cool before adding CBD, or choosing ice-coffee.  All this being said, CBD coffee drinkers have been advocating for the benefits of adding CBD to coffee and the practice does not seem to be slowing down. As with any new CBD regimen, it is best to start with lower CBD levels and work your way to the optimum levels for you.

After-Workout Protein Shakes

You’ve just gotten home from the gym after a fantastic workout. For many, the very next move is to make up a delicious protein shake. Gym-goers have been shouting the praises of incorporating CBD into their after workout recovery, with options like balms and other topicals becoming immensely popular. A simple way to incorporate hemp extract into your existing routine can be made very simple with the addition of an MCT oil based hemp extract. Simply prepare your shake as you normally would, and then add your desired CBD serving and mix.

CBD Infused Smoothies

Similar to the coffee crowd, many health conscious individuals swear by their morning smoothie routine. Many have their favorite combination of fruits, vegetables and superfoods that they combine into a nutrient packed meal in a glass. For some, CBD has proven to be their latest favorite addition to their smoothie regimen. Blend your favorite MCT oil based hemp extract tincture into your daily smoothie, and you’ve just created your first CBD smoothie with ease.

CBD In The Kitchen: Choices For You

There are several CBD products available right now at Premium CBD Supply which are perfect for inclusion in your favorite recipe or routine. From hemp honey, to hemp tea, all the way to CBD infused coconut oil, and of course the versatile tincture. The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to how one can choose to incorporate them. Here are just a few of our favorite choices for CBD in the kitchen.

Hemp Honey by Bish CBD – Honey is one of the first human indulgences, with a history that goes back thousands of years. Various cultures have had their own applications for the versatile spread, and in that respect, little has changed to this day. Bish presents a brilliant CBD oil infused honey, ideal for whatever your honey habits may entail. Add a dash of honey to your tea, spread it on your morning toast, or enjoy it straight out of the bottle for a delicious serving of CBD with a delicious twist.

Hemp Tea by Bish CBD – For many, a great cup of tea can set the proper mood for the day. Naturally packed with antioxidants and contain less caffeine than coffee, cultures around the world have a passion for a great cup of tea. Bish CBD follows up their fantastic honey with several variations of popular tea, each infused with a water-soluble hemp extract. Whether you are just starting your day, or enjoying an afternoon pick-me-up, Bish Hemp Tea is an excellent option for incorporating CBD into tea time.

CBD Coconut Oil by Lazarus Naturals – Coconut oil has been a hot nutrition trend over the past few years. The wellness world has caught onto the MCT craze, and health conscious consumers have been substituting coconut oil into their recipes to take advantage of the various benefits. Lazarus Naturals has recognized the growing trend, and has expertly presented a hemp extract infused coconut oil to help the wellness crowd combine their two passions. Lazarus Naturals is one of the most trusted brands in all things hemp, and their CBD coconut oil does not disappoint.

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At Premium CBD Supply we are constantly researching and exploring all the latest developments in the wide world of CBD, including CBD in the kitchen. We use this information to ensure that we offer only the top CBD brands available, and each of the latest and most innovative options. There are constantly new and exciting products being added to our state of the art platform and we have no plans on slowing down. Experience one-of-a-kind products like those from Bish CBD and Lazarus Naturals, as well as established tried and true heavyweights from such names as CBDistillery and Koi CBD. Now is the perfect time to discover your next favorite CBD oil, while at the same time enjoying the industry leading customer experience that has made Premium CBD Supply the number one online shop for CBD.