The Topic of CBD Topicals: Active Lifestyle

Topic of CBD Topicals: Active Lifestyle

CBD Topicals are all the rage right now, with celebrity athlete endorsements and big box stores adding products to their shelves. Thankfully for CBD veterans and newcomers alike, we have been sorting through the long list of CBD topical options since before it was trendy. Today we will break down for you how CBD can help those who seek to live an active lifestyle, as well as highlight some of the excellent options available to you here at Premium CBD Supply. Be sure to check back in the coming days for parts two and three of our CBD topical series!

CBD Topicals for Active Lifestyle!

One of the key things to remember is that no CBD company, whether it be a retailer like Premium CBD Supply or the CBD brands who manufacture products are NOT allowed to say anything with respect to the effectiveness of a product for any sort of physical ailment. With that said, CBD creams and lotions are gaining a reputation for helping athletes and Average Joes and Janes alike improve their day to day lives. We can’t say much more than that, but the chatter on forums and blogs from daily users reporting various levels of satisfaction speaks volumes. Let’s break down some of our favorite CBD topical choices for those who seek to live an active lifestyle!

Healing Balm by Koi – One of the best sellers out of the gate here at Premium CBD Supply, Koi’s success with its healing balm is unquestionable. Utilizing their very own full spectrum CBD extract paired with a unique blend of beeswax and plant oils, Koi has made a significant impact for many with their healing balm

Hemp Cream by CBDfx – Another leader in the world of hemp derived CBD extract, CBDfx is a leader in many areas, and topicals are no exception. Hemp Cream by CBDfx brings you the high quality full spectrum CBD extract you expect, infused with exotic ingredients including white willow bark. With Hemp Cream, CBDfx puts out yet another trusted product that consumers everywhere seemingly can’t get enough of.

Recharge Lemon CBD Cream by Ignite CBD – A relative newcomer in the CBD space, Ignite CBD has cut no corners in their quest to become one of the most respected and sought after names in the industry. In addition to their tinctures and vapeable options, they present a strong foot forward in the topical market with their lemon scented CBD cream. Utilizing CBD isolate as well as carefully selected wholesome ingredients, Recharge Lemon CBD Cream stands to earn a greater and greater reputation among active adults looking for a topical CBD to help enhance their lives.

CBD Ice Body Shots by CBD Fusion – Another strong presentation from CBD Fusion comes in the form of CBD Ice Body Shots. A strong resemblance to a famous non-CBD topical cream is notable, with it’s icy and warming sensation. Couple that with a CBD Fusion’s top quality full spectrum CBD extract and you are left with a winning formula that serves a variety of needs. For those who love an icy and warm sensation to accompany an after workout regimen, or for other daily use to help keep you on the move, CBD Ice Body Shots could very well be the solution you have been searching for.

CBD Athletic Rub by Pachamama CBD – Another CBD brand who is no newcomer to high manufacturing and design standards, Pachamama CBD is famous worldwide for their reliability and consistency in the vapor market. They have since turned their focus towards CBD users, and their dedication to unbeatable quality is immediately evident. Produced out of the great State of Colorado, CBD Athletic Rub is designed from the bottom up to benefit athletes and active adults alike. Utilizing full spectrum CBD oil as well as natural ingredients such as shea butter and cacao butter, Pachamama CBD is well on its way to establishing itself as a household name in CBD.

Active Lifestyle at Premium CBD Supply!

At Premium CBD Supply we have made it our mission to study and select only the highest quality CBD products which stand to make positive impacts for users. The products listed above offer just a sample of the wide range of CBD products for sale right now at Premium CBD Supply. And we’re not even close to being done. Be sure to check back often, as we are dedicated to continuously adding even more active lifestyle oriented topicals, as well as countless other products that are making an impact. As your leading online CBD store, we strive to stay one step ahead of the latest developments. You can count on Premium CBD Supply to be your go to choice when it comes to buying CBD online, while at the same time enjoying the fast, free shipping and personalized customer support which you have come to expect.