The Topic of CBD Topicals: Beauty

CBD Topicals for Beauty

You’ve probably read about how various chain stores are beginning to see the demand for CBD topical products, from famous department stores all the way to your local pharmacy. Beauty products in particular have seen a large uptick in attention lately, and we at Premium CBD Supply have been on top of this since day one. We are continuously evaluating the latest and most sought after beauty products on the market and bringing them to you at unbeatable values. Today we will discuss what types of products exist as well as highlight some of the best selling options available right here at Premium CBD Supply! Be sure to check out ‘The Topic of Topicals: Active Lifestyle,’ and come back for our last installment in this series coming soon!

What’s Up With CBD Beauty Products!

There are no shortage of beauty products on the market, and with the growing popularity of CBD, people are beginning to learn how versatile the extract can be. From CBD infused facial masks to a wide selection of creams, moisturizers and more, the abundance of choices is only expanding. At Premium CBD Supply we are firm believers that self care should not only be a necessity, it should be an experience you look forward to! We are confident that the following outstanding CBD beauty products fit the bill exactly.

Canna Retinol CBD Anti-Aging Cream by Canna Cosmetics – With a name that can only be described as appropriate, Canna Cosmetics introduces a wide range of cosmetics, built from the ground up to be effective and pleasant to use in their own right. Infused with a top quality full spectrum CBD extract as well as other gentle and natural ingredients to help keep your skin in top shape.

CBDefine CBD Skin Care Cream by CBDistillery – Lavender, frankinscence, rosemary and tea tree oil are the supporting cast alongside a top quality full spectrum CBD extract in CBDefine CBD Skin Care Cream. An ideal companion for any time of the day, CBDefine is the perfect choice for supplementing your daily skin-care regimen when precision is key!.

CBD Collagen Mask by Elevate CBD Cosmetics – As indulgent as they are effective, these CBD infused masks from Elevate CBD Cosmetics offer the ultimate in CBD infused facial treatment. The CBD Collagen Mask in particular has garnered rave reviews from users who have been consistently giving it high marks for both effectiveness and value.

Rejuvediol CBD Face Serum by CBDfx – An elegantly presented facial CBD infused facial serum, Rejuvediol by CBDfx is a powerful blend of full spectrum hemp extract coupled with essential oils. Perfect for targeting imperfections and maintaining a youthful experience, users have been flocking back to CBDfx and Rejuvediol time and time again.

Pineapple Guava CBD Skin Cream by Relax Organics – A tropical medley of scents accompany Pineapple Guava CBD Skin Cream, and the benefits do not stop there. Taking full advantage of a brilliant full spectrum CBD extract as well as other natural and beneficial ingredients that only add to the experience. If you are in search of a daily skin cream which is perfect for keeping your skin moisturized and feeling great, Pineapple Guava CBD Skin Cream is a choice you will not want to miss.

Avos Body Butter by Avos CBD – Avocado is widely considered to be a superfood, but the benefits of this versatile fruit have long been embraced by the world of cosmetics and beauty. Avos arrives on the scene with a mission to combine the nourishing avocado with CBD hemp extract, and the result is a body butter that rises to any occasion. Wide ranging enough to be considered appropriate for either daily maintenance or targeted use, Avos Body Butter is a sure thing hit among CBD users of all kinds.

This list is impressive, but by no means exhaustive! Many of these same manufacturers are producing other great CBD topicals alongside these hits, so be sure to browse each category and find the perfect solution for you!

CBD Beauty Products at Premium CBD Supply!

At Premium CBD Supply our mission is always to provide you with the most well rounded and effective selection of CBD products, and our ever-expanding selection of beauty solutions is industry leading. Rest easy with the full confidence that every product available at Premium CBD Supply is backed by third party laboratory testing, and is selected on an individual basis based upon transparency and customer feedback. Take the opportunity to learn firsthand why countless users have found the secret to their self-care and skin-care routine to be found in CBD extract. We invite you to experience the very best online CBD buying experience while enjoying the individual customer service and industry leading shipping that has made Premium CBD Supply the top choice among online CBD stores.