Great New CBD Arrivals For February

With the first month of the new year already under our belts, we are moving full steam ahead at Premium CBD Supply to continue to bring you the best new CBD products. Recently we introduced you to a great new selection of CBD salves and that is just the beginning. We know that you value great customer service and fast shipping when you shop for CBD products online, but all would be for naught if the selection wasn’t as wide and fully encompassing as possible. Today we are proud to announce CBD 3Rx Topicals and Hugs CBD to highlight just the beginning of the great new CBD arrivals for February!

CBD 3Rx Topicals represent the latest release from the New Jersey based brand. With a company motto of “quality from the ground up,” the team immediately focused on crafting the most effective and natural CBD balm possible. Arctic-Eze Hemp Balm was formulated for the purpose of helping active lifestyle adults of all levels maintain their fitness and athletic regimens and get back at it again the very next day. Natural peppermint oil and arnica bring a refreshingly cool sensation to help sooth muscles, while a full spectrum CBD oil blend adds the extra bit of power that you expect. CBD 3Rx topicals are handmade in the mountains of Colorado, and utilize carefully chosen American grown ingredients to help ensure that the quality and consistency is second to none. Are you a high energy individual who pushes themselves to their max everyday? If so, CBD 3Rx may be the extra concentrated CBD topical that you have long been searching for!

Where CBD 3Rx keeps you moving on the field of life, Hugs CBD comes in to help add a pampered and elegant self-care experience. Highlighted by their gentle, yet powerful CBD tinctures, Hugs sets forth on a mission to make CBD accessible to all. The Hugs CBD Night Cap Tincture stands out immediately, and helps establish the Austin, Texas based manufacturer as one who prefers to set trends rather than to follow them. Incorporating a heightened presence of the cannabinoid CBN, along with relaxing notes of lavender and lemon, Hugs Night Cap has produced the perfect choice for a nightly routine. The full spectrum Raspberry and Mango flavored tinctures are just as impressive. Utilizing organic flavorings to help make the full spectrum CBD oil a bit more palatable, they help Hugs accomplish their goal of delivering quality CBD to the masses. Those who traditionally stayed away from full spectrum tinctures in order to avoid the distinctive plant taste have found a winner thanks to their delicate addition of soft flavorings. For those who are searching for a CBD topical which was conceived for yoga practitioners and pilates enthusiasts alike, Hugs CBD Relief Rub is here to fill the void. Experience an icy and hot sensation that finds an ideal balance while maintaining a commitment to gentle and natural American grown ingredients.  A warm cayenne provides the energizing warmth while peppermint brings a relaxing cool down effect, expertly accomplished with the help of mother nature. Hugs CBD products rightfully come across as gentle and soothing, all the while incorporating high quality and powerful CBD that stands tall among the rest.

February has brought us two CBD brands who from an outward appearance may seem diametrically opposite, but from the standpoint of quality, shine equally bright. If you spend your days punishing your body at work, in the gym, or on the playing field CBD 3Rx Topicals provide one of the most highly concentrated full spectrum balms on the market. Meanwhile Hugs CBD delivers tinctures and topicals which are designed to introduce an indulgent, calming and approachable element to your CBD routine. Whether you are hitting the golf course, trying to balance your day, improve your nightly routine, Premium CBD Supply remains committed to ensuring that the perfect options for your day are always available. New trends are constantly emerging as the rapid growth in CBD applications and innovation is moving at a rapid pace. We strive to continue to stay on the forefront of the hemp movement, while offering the best selection of CBD products available anywhere. We could not be more excited to introduce CBD 3Rx Topicals and Hugs CBD as our great new CBD arrivals for February, and with the industry leading customer support, shipping service and value that has made Premium CBD Supply your favorite destination for buying CBD products online!