Hemp 101: All About Hemp

Hemp 101: All About Hemp

The topic of hemp came roaring into the mainstream when the updated 2018 Farm Bill was signed into law. This act made industrial hemp legal to grow in the United States and has opened up countless applications for the versatile plant. From food and clothing, to paper and bioplastics, to the exploding popularity of cannabidiol (CBD) products, hemp has found itself in the headlines more than ever before. But what is hemp? We at Premium CBD Supply are here to break it all down for you. Welcome to Hemp 101: All About Hemp!

Know Your Hemp!

Hemp is a strain of the cannabis sativa plant species, grown exclusively for its use in industrial products. While it is similar in appearance to the marijuana plant, there are distinct and important differences. Most importantly, hemp is a completely separate strain than marijuana, and has different phytochemical composition. Hemp naturally contains far lower concentrations of THC (typically around 0.2% and legally less than 0.3% in the United States,) and higher levels of CBD, completely eliminating all psychoactive effects from the plant. Hemp is a fast growing and relatively low maintenance crop with a deep history in shaping the world as we know it today.

The History

Hemp has been grown and cultivated by humans for over 10,000 years. Evidence of hemp usage by early civilizations have been found throughout the world. The earliest archaeological evidence dates back to 8,000 BC in Taiwan, with the discovery of hemp cords in pottery. Hemp cloth fragments were discovered in Mesopotamia which date back to roughly the same period. Over the following thousands of years their scientists have discovered countless examples of hemp usage, from Ancient Chinese hemp paper in 100 BC to Viking hemp rope being brought to Iceland in the year 850. In 1533 King Henry VIII of England went as far as to fine farmers who were NOT cultivating hemp.

During the age of exploration and into the colonial era, hemp was one of the most sought after cash crops in the world. Prized for its applications in clothing, paper, and very importantly sails and ropes, the population at the time was surrounded by hemp products. George Washington could very well be the most famous hemp farmer in history. He grew industrial hemp at his Mount Vernon estate throughout his life, and considered it one of the most important crops in the early period of the United States.

When the State of California began the trend of banning cannabis in 1915, so began the process of eliminating hemp products from the marketplace. Hemp and it’s intoxicating relative marijuana were jointly attacked under the Marijuana Tax Act of 1937, which placed unrealistic and burdensome regulations and taxes on the sale of cannabis products, including hemp, in the United States. In 1942 the United States re-instituted industrial hemp production briefly in order to furnish soldiers, sailors and Navy ships with industrial hemp products, before returning to prohibition after the war. The Farm Bill of 2014 legitimized industrial hemp for research purposes and was furthered by the 2018 Farm Bill which legalized the production of hemp in the United States once again.

Uses Today

There opportunities for hemp products to enrich our lives exist many areas of society. The historical use as paper and clothing is poised for a comeback. Hemp paper is much more environmentally friendly than wood sourced paper, and can be recycled twice as many times. Clothing derived from hemp is considered by many to be more comfortable and longer lasting than traditional materials. More forward looking applications include plastics which are biodegradable, biofuel which is easier to grow than corn or wheat, and an innovative concrete replacement known as hempcrete. This all leads to the innovation that is grabbing all the headlines: hemp extract.

CBD Extract

You’ve seen it on the news and possibly heard about it from your friends or coworkers. Hemp derived CBD extract has rapidly been growing in popularity and the applications are as broad as can be. Utilizing the naturally occurring cannabinoids as well as other components of the hemp plant such as terpenes and flavonoids, the natural wellness community has been flocking to CBD infused products for years. At Premium CBD Supply we are big believers in the ability of hemp extract and CBD to enrich our lives. Whether you are discovering CBD for the first time, or if you are a veteran user, we invite you to browse our wide catalog of CBD tinctures, CBD topicals, hemp edibles, and hemp pet products. We are committed to providing the very best online CBD store experience to every customer, and guarantee personalized customer service to ensure that buying CBD online with Premium CBD Supply is a breeze. Now is the perfect time to enjoy our wide selection of hemp derived CBD products, and experience firsthand the industry leading shipping service that is sure to keep you coming back time and time again!