Introducing Bluebird Botanicals

At Premium CBD Supply our mission is to offer our customers the very best CBD products available today, and we are constantly searching for leading hemp extract manufacturers to add to our catalog. Having been established in 2012, Bluebird Botanicals has been leading the CBD revolution for the better part of seven years. Presenting some of the most well conceived and unique products available, each combined with the highest quality hemp extract possible, the company has a well earned reputation for excellence. With a wide selection of tinctures, CBD creams, softgels and pet products, we are excited to be introducing Bluebird Botanicals.

A hemp company through and through, Bluebird Botanicals has a demonstrated commitment to wellness that shines through their actions. Attention to quality is a hallmark of the Colorado based team. Each and every batch is produced using exclusively American grown hemp, always sourced from trusted local farmers in Colorado. The hemp seeds used have been carefully chosen over the years to produce the exact plant terpenes desired, a long process that takes other manufacturers years to match. They are true believers in the ability of hemp derived CBD to change the lives of people everywhere, and the focus is squarely set there. Every effort is made to ensure that their products are of the highest quality available, at price points which are fair. By going out of their way in order to benefit the community at large, Bluebird demonstrates a level of integrity that is to be complimented. Each product offered is certified bioplastic recyclable and maintains a low carbon footprint. Additionally they donate to and support various local and national charities ranging from autism all the way to homelessness. Truly a brand that cares about community, the only thing as impressive as their dedication to people is there dedication to producing world class CBD.

The Bluebird Botanicals catalog is truly one of a kind. Their outstanding selection of concentrated tinctures lead the way, delivering complex and innovative blends that will change the way you think about CBD oils. Each of the blends available incorporate the same outstanding hemp extract you expect from Bluebird Botanicals with the option to incorporate added elements. The Concentrated Complete delivers an added infusion of steam-distilled hemp extract in order to deliver an additional 26 terpenes. The Concentrated Signature tincture provides the full spectrum hemp extract of their Classic tincture but a blend of frankincense and black cumin oil to boot. These are truly one of a kind tinctures that are not to be missed.

Do you love the tincture, but looking for the convenience and serving size accuracy of softgels? Bluebird Botanicals Capsules provide exactly this with their excellent softgels. Utilizing a simple glycerin capsule filled with the same famous extract found in the tinctures, they are the perfect choice for those who dislike the flavor of full spectrum CBD oil, or those unable to use tinctures.

With topicals gaining a lot of attention nationally, Bluebird Botanicals Topicals excellent solutions each designed to tackle common daily needs. Each are full spectrum, and infused with carefully chosen natural ingredients. Explore a variety of use cases from a CBD moisturizing lotion to a revitalizing skin maintenance cream to a fitness and active lifestyle focused lotion. The Hemp Sport Lotion in particular has attracted a loyal following, with its refreshingly cool arnica infusion and trusted full spectrum CBD.

Thankfully for pet owners everywhere, Bluebird Botanicals has turned its expert focus towards our faithful four legged friends. Offering the same quality you expect in their human oriented products, Bluebird presents a number of outstanding options to keep your pet at its best. Capsules are not often seen in the Pet CBD world, but the team has sought to change that with their Companion Full Spectrum Pet CBD Capsules. The traditional tincture option is available as well, designed specifically with dogs and cats in mind. Both are appropriate to be added to food and easy to tailor to your pets individual serving size needs.

Bluebird Botanicals crosses many different use cases with their deep selection, and with each one has accomplished their goal of producing hemp extract products that can be relied upon. A brand which cares as deeply for their customers and demonstrates it on a regular basis, they have built a foundation from which they will surely grow. Whether you are in search of a daily tincture, a CBD softgel, hemp extract infused pet solutions, or an invigorating CBD lotion, the integrity of each shines through explicitly. For those wondering where to begin their CBD journey, there is no better place to begin a search than with Bluebird Botanicals. We are thrilled to be introducing Bluebird Botanicals as our latest addition to our catalog of leading hemp extract brands, and look forward to the countless success stories from Premium CBD Supply customers that are sure to follow!