Introducing CBD Salves

We are only a few weeks into 2020, and there is already a brand new buzz word in the world of CBD. At Premium CBD Supply we are always searching for the best new CBD products to add to our catalog, and it just so happens that quite a few of them are salves. But what is a salve, and is it different than other CBD topicals? The answer is not really! There is no hard and fast difference between a balm and a salve, however traditionally the word salve was used to describe a naturally sourced balm. On the other hand, the simple fact that a CBD balm is named balm rather than a salve does not mean that it is not all natural. What is for certain is that this new batch of CBD topicals represents even yet more great options for keeping your skin feeling at its very best. We are excited to be introducing CBD salves, each offering unique ingredients and of course, the best CBD experience the industry has to offer.

  • CBD Fusion Pain Salve – CBD Fusion made a splash with its Ice Body Shots topical cream. With the release of their new 1200mg Pain Salve it is clear that their reputation in the CBD skin care realm is on the rise. The CBD Fusion Pain Salve combines a complementary blend of arnica, rosemary, lemongrass and sage alongside the same high quality CBD that you are accustomed to me. A truly multi-purpose CBD salve, Pain Salve offers concentrated CBD, easy to target to the areas where you need it most.
  • Bish CBD Tea Tree Salve– You may recognize Bish CBD from their broad spectrum infused honey, which is equal parts unique and delicious. In an effort to prove that their hemp extract expertise isn’t confined to edibles, the team at Bish have turned their focus on naturally inspired yet innovative topicals. The Tea Tree Salve stands apart from the rest thanks in part to their inclusion of tea tree oil and avocado, bringing a holistic approach to skin care that has been extremely well received. Combining the moisturizing benefits of natural ingredients with the power of CBD results in a skin care salve that adds a bit of luxury to your self care routine.
  • SMPLSTC CBD Salve – The SMPLSTC company motto of “wellness made simple” is taken very seriously by the California based company. Their belief that CBD products should be effective and transparent has been the driving force behind each of their offerings. This mission began with a line-up of full spectrum tinctures which have amassed a loyal following over the years, and their recent CBD topical releases have continued that trend. Utilizing a cooling blend of arnica and eucalyptus, the SMPLSTC Salve has kept to the mission statement. Perfect for helping to maintain an active lifestyle among athletes and non-athletes alike, this gimmick free full spectrum CBD topical is easily targeted to the muscles and joints where you need it.
  • CBDistillery CBDol Salve – CBDistillery is already a brand which has cemented itself as an industry leader. Their topical lineup is well on its way towards becoming a hit in and of itself, where their well known quality is finally translated into naturally inspired and effective CBD creams and lotions. The CBDol salve is the multi-purpose offering, combining fresh ingredients such as beeswax, lavender, olive oil and more alongside full spectrum hemp extract. For those searching for a salve designed to be perfect for use after intense workouts, or for skin care alike, this is one topical you do not want to miss. CBDistillery has already set the standard for CBD oil, and with CBDol they aim to do the very same in the realm of CBD topicals.

These new CBD salves each deliver unique benefits, ensuring that your options when searching for the perfect solution are ever growing. Whether you are a first time CBD user or have been incorporating hemp extract into your daily routine for some time, it is already evident that 2020 will continue to bring innovation and choices for all preferences and needs. At Premium CBD Supply we are not even close to being done. Our mission to provide the most extensive catalog of trusted CBD brands available online is never ending, and we are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing. We invite you to experience these new CBD salves, along with the rest of our world class CBD manufacturers while at the same time enjoying the industry leading customer support and shipping service that has made Premium CBD Supply your one-stop shop when it comes to buying CBD online!