Introducing CBDistillery Rx

Premium CBD Supply is proud to be introducing CBDistillery Rx to our ever expanding catalog of trusted CBD brands and hemp extract products. CBDistillery is a widely recognized and admired manufacturer of premium CBD products based in Denver Colorado. Best known for their outstanding line-up of full spectrum CBD extracts, the company has recognized the desire of many users for THC free options that still retain the helpful terpenes missing from CBD isolate. CBDistillery Rx was conceived for just that very purpose, bringing the quality and that has made them famous into broad spectrum CBD form.

To understand what makes CBDistillery Rx so special requires an understanding of what broad spectrum is, as well as the difference between full spectrum CBD and isolate CBD. With a full spectrum CBD all of the phytochemicals present in the hemp plant are extracted and preserved as a whole. This can include any number of strain specific terpenes, cannabinoids (such as CBD,) and small levels of THC. As hemp only contains a very small amount of THC to begin with, hemp derived full spectrum CBD products as well as all products sold at Premium CBD Supply contain less than 0.3% THC. Such a low amount of THC is not psychoactive, and will not result in any sort of high. For various reasons there are certain CBD users who prefer to not consume any amount of THC, and CBD isolate fits the bill. CBD isolate is exactly how it sounds, the cannabinoid CBD is isolated and extracted from the hemp extract, leaving 99.9% pure CBD. While this is great for those who are seeking to avoid THC, it leaves out other potentially beneficial compounds, including terpenes. Broad spectrum CBD solves this by further processing full spectrum hemp extract to remove all of the THC. This allows for all of the beneficial phytochemicals that are present in traditional full spectrum hemp extract, delivered THC free.

CBDistillery Rx brings you broad spectrum CBD tinctures alongside a wonderfully formulated broad spectrum cream. The CBD Rx tinctures incorporate a fresh citrus flavor alongside the THC free CBD oil, delivering a high quality and fresh tasting terpene infused experience. The Cooling Relief Stick offers a THC free CBD cooling cream that is purpose built to help those who live an active lifestyle, or those who simply wish to be more active. As convenient as it is effective, CBDistillery Rx delivers another high quality topical solution, this time with all the benefits that come with the infusion of terpenes.

The ability to deliver the renowned CBDistillery quality in broad spectrum tinctures and topicals helps to introduce countless new users into the fold. The Colorado based team started their company based upon the belief that CBD should be effective and affordable, while at the same time operating with the utmost integrity and transparency. CBDistillery Rx continues this theme excellently, with their tinctures clearly stating the CBD serving size in milligrams as opposed to showing the contents of the whole bottle. This is done to help the consumer better understand what they are purchasing. Transparency continues to be a strong suit as well. The hemp used in the production of CBDistillery Rx is sourced exclusively from trusted American farms, primarily located in the states of Colorado and Kentucky. All manufacturing is conducted in an ISO 9001 facility, utilizing industry leading standards. Each product is thoroughly laboratory tested by independent third parties in order to ensure potency as well as the absence of pesticides and other contaminants. In keeping with their dedication to transparency, each lab report is made public and is always available right here at Premium CBD Supply both on the individual product page and in our lab reports section. CBDistillery Rx aims to continue to the company’s mission of presenting a wide variety of CBD options that you can trust.

Now is the perfect opportunity to discover the unique combination of quality and value that the team at CBDistillery have become well known for providing. CBDistillery Rx and its selection of broad spectrum products in particular are proof that they are a company who is not afraid to venture into new territory. No matter what your reason is for deciding to incorporate CBD into your life, the team at CBDistillery has shown time and time again that when it comes to full spectrum, CBD isolate, and now broad spectrum CBD, they are able to consistently deliver winning options at a value that is hard to beat. We are excited to be introducing CBDistillery Rx and its full selection of products at the very best prices available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping service that has made Premium CBD Supply your one stop shop when it comes to buying CBD online.

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