Introducing cbdMD

Introducing cbdMD

You may recognize the iconic blue and white logo of cbdMD after seeing it worn by some of the most famous athletes in the world. From former NFL players, top golfers, mixed martial artists and X-Game athletes, the bandwagon of endorsements only seems to be growing. At Premium CBD Supply we are committed to offering the most sought after and respected names in the CBD universe, and cbdMD is the perfect fit. Prepare to explore a world of options all powered by some of the best hemp extract on the planet. Today, we are proud to be introducing cbdMD to the Premium CBD Supply platform.

When it came to selecting a source for their CBD products, cbdMD set their standards high. After visiting 14 different countries on 3 continents and 8 states domestically, they came to the conclusion that American grown hemp is of the highest standard in the world. As such, each product presented by cbdMD uses hemp extract sourced from American farms. Quality standards are strictly maintained through a testing protocol that extends from farm to bottle. With cbdMD the quality of the hemp extract is never in question.

The team at cbdMD have a mission statement that states “not CBD for some, but CBD for all.” This mission lends itself to ensuring that the catalog offered is as broad as possible in order to account for the needs and wants of different users. All of cbdMD’s offerings are CBD isolate, ensuring that those who do not wish to have even trace amounts of THC are satisfied. Classic options such as tinctures make a strong appearance, available in either flavored or unflavored variations. A night-time focused mint tincture is available for those who are looking for the perfect right-before-bed option.

Even beyond the tinctures, there is plenty of innovation to be found among the offerings in cbdMD’s catalog. With topicals finding a wide range of uses among both newcomers to CBD and veterans alike, cbdMD presents an array of expertly designed topicals. Athletes of all skill levels have fallen in love with CBD Freeze, a cold treatment roll-on which is perfect for addressing targeted body locations after a strenuous workout. Recover CBD Balm has similarly found a following among the active lifestyle crowd, foregoing the cold treatment and introducing a soothing line-up of natural ingredients alongside CBD isolate hemp extract. Interested in a topical CBD infused moisturizer? Revive arrives to fill the void, once again using a restorative blend of natural ingredients alongside the famous cbdMD CBD isolate.

When it comes to getting a specific daily serving of CBD, estimating the proper serving size can be a hassle. cbdMD and its edible selection are the perfect choice for those who are seeking to solve that. CBD capsules offer exact serving strengths in each softgel. The team at cbdMD goes even further by offering multiple different strength potencies, ensuring that there is an option to help you economically reach your desired potency goal. Each capsule is filled with the incredible cbdMD CBD isolate that you seek, with none of the additional work. For a delicious option that accomplishes the same, gummies are a perfect choice. Enjoy an assortment of fruity gummy flavors in one package, while at the same time receiving all the upside that comes with your daily CBD regimen.

The Paw CBD line-up is proof that the North Carolina based team has not forgotten about our pets. A wide selection of CBD isolate products purposely built with our furry friends in mind. Treats and tinctures headline a group of industry leading pet CBD products which are sure to bring all of the benefits of CBD in a form that your animal will love. Tinctures are a great option for addition to a pet’s food, and cbdMD brings natural unflavored CBD isolate oil alongside a peanut butter flavored tincture to help you do exactly that. The highlight of the Paw CBD line-up is their wide selection of treats, which are specifically designed for either dogs or cats. Choose between a range of soft-chews available in a multitude of flavors, or baked treats, either of which will keep your pet looking forward to CBD-time. Paw CBD helps to ensure that all the benefits of CBD can be delivered to your four-legged family members in an enjoyable and effortless manner.

Bringing with them world class tinctures, topicals, edibles, pet products and more, Premium CBD Supply is proud to be introducing cbdMD. Combining top shelf hemp extract with the best quality natural ingredients has proven to be a winner for the company, and they are not slowing down. At Premium CBD Supply we are committed to growing alongside cbdMD and Paw CBD as they continue to release new innovative products, so be sure to check back often! Discover all of the reasons why cbdMD is a national leader, while at the same time enjoying the industry leading value that has made Premium CBD Supply your one-stop shop when it comes to buying CBD online!