Introducing Extract Labs

Extract Labs is a leading producer of top quality full spectrum CBD products based in Boulder, Colorado. Having been featured in countless publications including Good Morning America, Better Homes and Gardens and The Today Show, their products are quickly becoming well known for living up to their promises. Extract Labs is a hemp company first and foremost, and the pride that comes with what they do shines through each and every time. True believers in the power of CBD to improve upon people’s lives, Extract Labs has even partnered with Colorado State University to study potential health benefits of CBD both on humans and on animals. Premium CBD Supply is excited to be introducing Extract Labs wide selection of best selling products to its catalog of high quality CBD brands.

The company was founded by a United States Army combat veteran, and exudes the same level of integrity and values that you would expect. The company sources all of the hemp used in the manufacturing process only from trusted American farms, and has spent years fine tuning their extraction process. The hemp extract is manufactured using CO2 extraction, resulting in the purest possible full spectrum CBD. With integrity being a cornerstone of everything they do, it should come as no surprise that their testing protocol is second to none. Each batch produced by the company is put through a battery of tests, including testing for microbial inconsistencies, pesticides, residual solvents and potency. All lab tests are always performed by independent, third party laboratories and results are available right here at Premium CBD Supply in our lab report section as well as on each individual product page.

When it comes to producing a wide range of options, few companies offer as complete a catalog as Extract Labs. From tinctures all the way to pet products, there is something to satisfy most any need. The Extract Labs Tincture selection is perfectly indicative of the level of quality that goes into each and every product. Presenting a line-up of flavored as well as unflavored tinctures, the Colorado based team of hemp experts has truly put together winning selection. With flavors ranging from a tart and fresh lemon all the way to an indulgent banana foster, there is choices are as delicious as they are effective. All flavoring used in the manufacturing is natural and organic, ensuring that flavor in no way takes away from the potency of the CBD.

For those CBD users who prefer the convenience and dosing accuracy of capsules, Extract Labs Softgels deliver an excellent option. Utilizing the same high quality hemp extract oil found their full spectrum CBD tinctures, these softgels are tasteless and easy to use. Softgels are becoming wildly popular among those who want to take exact doses of CBD, without the need to estimate milliliters as is often necessary with tinctures. Perfect for those who don’t like the tincture experience, yet still want to enjoy the benefits of the oil, Extract Labs Softgels are well crafted and reliable.

The Extract Labs Topical catalog helps to reinforce the company’s dedication to natural and purpose created products. Two creams are introduced, and although they are utilize the same CBD blend and similar natural ingredients, offer two entirely different use cases. The muscle cream is designed for those who live active lifestyles and need just a little extra help with their daily recovery. Infused with menthol and arnica, the muscle cream brings a cooling sensation to problem areas, providing relief for targeted areas. Face cream delivers the same formula, but without the cooling agents to bring all of the moisturizing and CBD benefits that you expect.

Pets represent a strong area of focus for the team at Extract Labs, and their Fetch CBD line-up aims to bring the same high level of quality to your pets life. A research partnership with the Colorado State University to study the benefits of CBD in our pets lives helps to illustrate the depth of Extract Labs commitment to pets. The result of this dedication is a high quality pet tincture that is suitable for both cats and dogs which is quickly becoming a favorite of animal lovers everywhere.

Regardless of which option is best suited for your lifestyle, Extract Labs and its strict focus on manufacturing the world’s best hemp extract has been winning over CBD users nationwide. A sturdy foundation built on excellent CBD works to open the door for any number of excellent and trusted products that deliver results. At Premium CBD Supply we are honored to be introducing Extract Labs to our customers at the very best prices available and with superior customer experience that has made our platform your one stop shop when it comes to buying CBD online!