New Naked 100 CBD Vape Juice

Best New CBD Vape Juice Flavors for 2019

Naked 100 CBD Vape Juice: Brand Profile

Here at Premium CBD Supply, our mission is to offer you only premium CBD brands and products through our user-friendly online store. One of our top CBD brands is Naked 100 CBD, which we’ll highlight in this post.

About Naked 100 CBD

A division of USA Vape Lab, the Naked 100 brand launched in 2016.

Naked 100 was one of the first vape juices to come in generous 60 ml bottles. This SoCal company started with three tropical fruit flavors and has added many more since its start. Today, its lines have expanded to include Naked 100 Cream, Naked 100 Fusion, Naked 100 Menthol, and Naked 100 Tobacco.

Now one of the top brands in the vape industry, Naked 100 has launched Naked 100 CBD with four fruity flavors.

Fabulous CBD vape juice flavors from Naked 100

At this writing, we offer the full Naked 100 CBD vape juice lineup: four luscious flavors of Naked 100 CBD vape juice. Read all about them and pick the one you love—or keep them all on hand for maximal variety.

Amazing Mango

It takes two to mango! That’s why Naked 100 throws creamy, sweet peaches into its Amazing Mango CBD vape juice. This yummy blend will have you dreaming of fragrant Indian gardens, serene ashrams, and the majestic Himalayan skyline.

Hawaiian Pog

It’s a long flight to Hawaii: almost six hours from California. Reach the islands much faster with Hawaiian Pog CBD vape juice. This treat blends fresh oranges with tart passion fruit and a hint of guava for a truly tropical sensation.

Lava Flow

No worries: There’s no heat in the flavor profile of Lava Flow CBD vape juice. What you do get is an ambrosia of ripe strawberries, tangy pineapple, and rich coconut. We’re pretty sure you’ll quickly become a Lava lover.

Really Berry

Really Berry CBD vape juice is a mixed-berry delight. This blend of blueberries and blackberries features a touch of lemon for palate-pleasing contrast. If tropical tastes aren’t your thing, then Really Berry will leave you tickled.

Naked 100 CBD vape juice: now available in two strengths

All four flavors of Naked 100 CBD vape juice first became available through our site in the 600 mg strength. We’ve linked to these in the previous section.

Now, you can enjoy your Amazing Mango, Hawaiian Pog, Lava Flow, and Really Berry in a double strength. Just click these links to get your favorite flavors in 1,200 mg CBD vape juices.

Kick back and get Naked 100

When you want to combine vaping enjoyment with your dose of CBD, you can’t do better than Naked 100 CBD. We’re proud to offer this premium line of CBD products.

At Premium CBD Supply, you can buy CBD oil and hemp oil, CBD vape juice and topicals, and more. Order online and enjoy having your favorite CBD and hemp products shipped to your door. Stay tuned as we add and feature more brands to our impressive lineup.