Olympic Athletes Are Cleared to Use CBD Products

The attention that CBD products have received from consumers over the course of the past several years has been overwhelming. It should come as no surprise that athletes at all levels and from various sports have been eagerly paying attention. We’ve spoken in depth in a previous article about the fact that each professional sport organization approaches the new phenomenon of CBD in very different ways. When it comes to any substance an athlete uses, these organizations are careful to ensure that their athletes are not using a product that results in an unfair advantage or that could be considered dangerous to use. There have been numerous controversies over the course of the last several decades with respect to performance enhancing drugs, which lead to the formation in 1999 of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA,) which is tasked with approving products for use in international sporting competitions, including the Olympic Games. In 2018 CBD containing less than 0.3% THC was approved by WADA, making it official that Olympic athletes are cleared to use CBD products. The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will represent the debut of CBD in the world’s premier sporting event.

The implications of athletes being cleared to use CBD in the Olympics could very well be the catalyst that pushes CBD products from a developing trend into the mainstream. Even while pro athletes have been using CBD in their recovery regimen for years, many in the mainstream audience are still skeptical of the reliability and authenticity of incorporating the products in their routines. Brands such as cbdMD already have a roster of 40 plus athletes who are endorsing and using their products, and it is reasonable to assume that for the first time in history we may have a gold medal winner who will endorse CBD as part of their daily routine. What does all this mean for CBD in general? The Olympics may represent a turning point in public understanding and knowledge of a range of products that have been helping consumers improve their general wellness while at the same time helping them get and remain active.

At Premium CBD Supply we have been ahead of the trends, continuously bringing our valued customers the latest and most innovative products, including the ones which athletes are likely to be using when they compete in Tokyo. We offer a selection of the best CBD products available, cutting across a spectrum that aims to help in any aspect of your day. Active lifestyle products have made a huge splash, and we offer the very widest catalog of CBD for athletes online. Let’s highlight four of the best selling CBD topicals for athletes in 2020!

1. Nirvana CBD Broad Spectrum CBD Muscle Recovery Lotion

Brought to you from the beautiful shores of southern California, the Nirvana Muscle Recovery lotion was meticulously designed for those who push their bodies to the limit. Delivering a broad spectrum CBD extract which illustrates the dedication to quality and consistency for which Nirvana is known, Muscle Recovery Lotion seems poised to continue its massive success.

2. SMPLSTC CBD Cooling Relief Roll-On CBD Cream

Not the only cold treatment cream featured on this list, but certainly one which stands out on its own merits. Convenience is the name of the game for the Cooling Relief Roll-On Cream. Bringing forth a full spectrum CBD blend packaged into an innovative roll-on which fits into any gym bag. Easily applied directly to the areas in which you need it most, SMPLSTC is a great choice for any on-the-go active lifestyle routine.

3. cbdMD Recover CBD Cream

We’ve already highlighted the fact that cbdMD has a roster of athletes using their brand which cut across a wide variety of sports. The Recover CBD Cream is a prime example as to why athletes of any level are finding their edge through the use of CBD. Complete with a CBD isolate blend, this perfectly balanced rub on cream is ideal for hitting those areas which give you grief in between exercise days. Discover why dozens of athletes, and quite likely several Olympians in Tokyo are using cbdMD on a daily basis.

4. CBD 3Rx Arctic-Eze Balm

A relative newcomer to the world of athletically oriented CBD, the New Jersey based team has cut no corners to produce the highest quality balm possible. Handmade in the mountains of Colorado, Arctic-Eze lives up to its name with an icy sensation naturally brought about using arnica and peppermint oil. Complete with an ultra-concentrated blend of full spectrum CBD, this small yet powerful balm packs a true punch where it matters most.

5. Cryofreeze CBD Pain Relief Roll-On

An innovative blend of science and nature, Cryofreeze Pain Relief Roll-On is designed by a team of scientists to deliver the most effective and satisfying CBD roll-on possible. Opting for a broad spectrum blend of CBD combined with all natural ingredients, active lifestyle individuals have been embracing the holistic approach since its launch. Convenient enough to bring along to the gym, and strong enough to get you back to your workout the very next day, Cryofreeze has delivered yet another winner.

We could not be more excited at Premium CBD Supply to see which athletes are going to use their platforms at the Olympics to let the world know how CBD has helped them get there. We are committed to continuing to pave the way for the everyday CBD user to have access to the very best and most effective athletic CBD products in order to help them achieve their own goals. We are excited to offer these and dozens of other leading active lifestyle CBD brands at the very best prices available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping service that has made Premium CBD Supply your one stop shop when it comes to buying CBD online!