For those who are seeking a more convenient hemp vaping option than the traditional open system, cartridges could be the perfect fit. Gone are the days of worrying about coil compatibility or carrying around bottles of e juice. CBD cartridges are universally designed to fit onto any 510 threaded battery, which are abundantly available. These devices tend to be more discreet than the average vaping device and produce less noticeable vapor. All these beneficial characteristics aside, the flavor and quality remain outstanding. Urth offers flavors which are derived from the original hemp flower strain from which they have extracted the CBD. If you are a fan of the natural taste of flower strains this is surely not an experience you will want to miss. Krypted CBD cartridges take a similar approach by integrating the original hemp flower strain into their flavors and offer a slightly more concentrated CBD blend. As convenient as these cartridges are for daily use, if you require even more convenience look towards the disposable pen selection. These pens come as an all in one unit, with a charged battery. When the liquid is depleted the entire device can be discarded. Although they don’t produce CBD cartridges, CBDistillery offers a range of disposable pens which come in hemp flower strain flavors as well as popular fruit flavors. CBDfx also offers disposable pens both in delicious fruity blends and in hemp derived flower strain flavors. CBDfx additionally offers full terpene disposable pens in a variety of flavors for those looking for an added element. We are committed to continuing to add only the best tasting and most effective hemp derived cartridges and disposable pens available. At Premium CBD Supply we offer the most reputable CBD cartridges and hemp disposable pens available, each backed up by independent lab testing.