Ignite ONE CBD Pod System is brought to you by Ignite CBD. Ignite ONE Pod System presents a cutting edge combination of convenience and CBD with an innovative rechargeable vape system and disposable pods. Ignite CBD has set out on a mission to create the world’s foremost CBD brand. Through their unyielding dedication to producing the highest quality products as well as their demonstrated ability to innovate and set trends, it is clear they are well on their way. The Ignite ONE Pod System is the result of a collaboration with Bo Vapor Products, to bring proven design and hardware manufacturing experience into the world of CBD. Lightweight and sleek, the Ignite ONE is designed with the user in mind. Able to fit nearly in a pocket or in a purse, it is an all day companion for when you need it most. The disposable pods come pre-filled with your choice of delicious flavors coupled with Ignite CBD’s high quality and trusted CBD isolate. In keeping with their intense focus on quality, all hemp used in the manufacturing process is sourced from American farms in the Pacific Northwest. Each product is then third party laboratory tested to ensure only the most consistent and reliable experience to users. At Premium CBD Supply we are excited to offer the Ignite ONE CBD Pod System as well as the full line-up of disposable pods, at the best prices available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping service you have come to expect. 

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Ignite One Rechargeable Vape Pen – An innovative rechargeable CBD pod system, for use with Ignite ONE CBD disposable pods.

Ignite One Blood Orange Pod – A juicy blood orange flavor paired with a CBD isolate in a convenient disposable pod.

Ignite One Tropical Fruit Pod – A relaxing tropical fruit medley, paired with a CBD isolate in a convenient disposable pod.