SMPLSTC CBD Cartridges are brought to you from sunny southern California. The creators of the best selling CBD oil now present a lineup of CBD cartridges that follow through on the company’s motto “wellness made simple.” A selection of terpene-rich full spectrum CBD cartridges, SMPLSTC CBD Cartridges bring impressive flavor and unbeatable quality. The team of hemp experts behind these cartridges stand by their message of simplicity by making their products easy to understand and easy to trust. Utilizing only the highest quality American grown hemp, these cartridges earn trust implicitly through up front and honest packaging that is a breath of fresh air. All products are third party laboratory tested to ensure consistency and reliability across the board, and test results are available through a QR code on the back of every package. Whether you are looking for a full spectrum CBD cartridge to help you get on the right track for your day, or a solution to help you wind down after a busy and successful day, SMPLSTC has the convenient pre-filled cartridge solution that is right for the task. This is a fantastic opportunity to discover which blend of CBD and terpenes is the one that will help elevate your day to the next level. At Premium CBD Supply we are excited to offer the full range of SMPLSTC CBD Cartridges at the best prices available and with the superior customer support and shipping service you have come to expect.

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LFTD – A full spectrum terpene-rich CBD cartridge flavored with a deliciously sweet and slightly sour sherbet.

NTRL – A full spectrum terpene-rich CBD cartridge paired with a wonderfully earthy citrus.

RLX – A relaxing full spectrum terpene-rich CBD cartridge flavored with a fresh and sweet mango.