At Premium CBD Supply we recognize that everyone has a favorite method for getting their CBD dose. CBD oils, other wise known as CBD tinctures, are among the most popular. These hemp tinctures are designed primarily for sublingual while some brands are also able to blended with your daily consumables. Be aware however that it is never advised that you vape cbd oil tinctures or hemp tinctures, as they are generally MCT oil blends. What many see as the main advantage of tincture oils over other forms of hemp derived CBD is the ability to take higher concentrated doses at once, as can be seen with RX Canna Care’s high dosage options. The ease of varying a CBD oil dose for your needs as well as the multitude of flavor options are among the many reasons to choose hemp tinctures. Naked 100  CBD Tinctures and Dinner Lady CBD Oral Drops both deliver unrivaled flavor. SMPLSTC and CBDistillery offer higher concentrated oils. Look for CBDfx Tincture and Koi Naturals to provide a wide selection of hemp derived options for those who are looking to try a multitude of different strengths and find their niche. There are a wide variety of factors to consider when choosing which tincture is for you. Having the ability to choose between a number of different flavor, strengths and specialized blends is an essential part of the CBD experience. Premium CBD Supply offers industry leading high quality hemp derived CBD oils all backed up by independent laboratory testing. And we won’t stop here. At Premium CBD Supply we are constantly looking bring you new and innovative products as we strive to provide our customers with the most versatile selection possible from only the most trusted brands available.