Introducing a line-up of full spectrum hemp extract oils, Extract Labs Tincture presents a selection of flavored and unflavored CBD oils. Extract Labs is brought you from the beautiful State of Colorado. As a company founded by a combat veteran of the United States Army, Extract Labs places a profound emphasis on the integrity and quality of their products. These expertly crafted tinctures each utilize CO2-extraction techniques to produce some of the highest quality CBD tinctures available on the market today. Each and every offering from Extract Labs in manufactured using hemp sourced from trusted farmers locally in Colorado. From the plant hemp stage, every step in the manufacturing process is completed in-house by the team at Extract Labs. This dedication to integrity of manufacturing is backed up a rigorous testing protocol, always conducted by an independent third party laboratory with the results freely available right here at Premium CBD Supply. Discover a range of tinctures that are designed to appeal to any range of different tastes. Choose between a traditional unflavored tincture, or a flavored option such as lemon, raspberry, or even an indulgent banana foster. These flavored tinctures are careful not to take away from the CBD experience, and are always manufactured using only natural, organic flavoring extracts. Each and every CBD oil from Extract Labs tincture is fully vegan friendly, and gluten free. Now is the perfect opportunity to discover the unique attention to quality CBD manufacturing that comes with any Extract Labs Tincture purchase. We are excited to offer the full selection of Extract Labs Tincture products at the best prices available and with the superior customer support and shipping service that has made Premium CBD Supply your one stop shop when it comes to buying CBD online!

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