As the benefits of CBD become more widely known, innovation is surging and exciting new products are coming onto the market. Nowhere is this more apparent than with hemp based cosmetics and topicals. The combination of traditional natural skin care vitamins oils and minerals with CBD stand to change the way we think about self care forever. Whether you are looking to improve your skin care regimen or to incorporate CBD into your nightly bath time ritual, these options are here and ever expanding. Elevate CBD Cosmetics is helping to lead the charge into the future by introducing hemp derived facial masks and face and body lotions. De La Beuh looks to use CBD infused bath bombs, shower fizzys, massage lotion and more add a brand new hemp element to your nightly ritual. As we age and the stresses of work and life take their toll on us, we may find ourselves looking for skin care products to bring back the youthful vitality that we miss. Canna Cosmetics looks to solve this riddle with the introduction of their lineup of hemp derived creams. The intimate side of life is not to be forgotten either. Look to Canna Intimates for couple friendly hemp derived massage oils, to help spice up your evening. For those with muscle or joint discomfort, Koi Topicals and CBD Fusion Topical both offer CBD Topical creams which aim to bring you to your best self. As with all CBD products we recommend trying a variety of CBD Topicals in order to find the best choice for you. Premium CBD Supply offers the most reputable CBD Topical products, from bath bombs and lotions to facial serums, each with independent lab testing.