Bluebird Botanicals Topicals are brought to you from the Rocky Mountain State of Colorado. Presenting a series of full spectrum CBD creams, Bluebird Botanicals Topicals deliver unique and high quality hemp extract infused skin care options. One of the original hemp extract manufacturers, the team at Bluebird have been delivering top shelf quality CBD products since way back in 2012. Demonstrating a company wide focus on quality, transparency and a commitment to their community, these principles shine through in their CBD creams. As a hemp company first and foremost, great care goes into sourcing the hemp used in manufacturing directly from trusted local Colorado farmers. From there they have painstakingly developed unique blends of natural oils and extracts that pair perfectly with full spectrum hemp extract to create purposeful creams that elevate your wellness. From a moisturizing option to a restorative cream all the way to a CBD topical built around those with an active lifestyle, each blend incorporates unique ingredients to help you further your goals. Their commitment to their community and the environment is evidenced by the fact that the packaging used in each cream is made up of ‘green’ bioplastic sourced from sugarcane. In keeping with their dedication to transparency, each and every batch is third party tested by an independent laboratory to ensure potency and purity. Lab results are always available right here at Premium CBD Supply both oh the products page as well as in our lab report section. Now is the perfect time to find out why Bluebird Botanical and their innovative blends of full spectrum CBD and natural ingredients are sure to find a spot within your wellness routine. We are excited to offer the full range of Bluebird Botanicals Topicals at the very best prices available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping service that has made Premium CBD Supply your one stop shop for buying CBD online.

Hemp Essential CBD Lotion – A full spectrum hemp extract paired with rosemary, jojoba and coconut oils and carrot extract.

Hemp Silk CBD Lotion – A full spectrum hemp extract cream paired with jojoba, coconut oil and essential oils.

Hemp Sport CBD Lotion – A full spectrum hemp extract with cooling arnica, as well as ginger and natural oils.