Canna Intimate is brought to you by Rx Canna Care.  Canna Intimate offers an array of CBD infused massage oils, with minimal ingredients and an eye towards a holistic experience. As more people are discovering the benefits of incorporating CBD into their lives, the range of applications is growing at a rapid pace. This team of hemp experts from southern California have embraced this atmosphere of innovation by bringing a selection of CBD infused intimate massage oils designed with their signature focus on natural ingredients. These massage oils are designed using Mother Nature as their guide, harnessing the power of herbs and oils to fine tune a unique experience both for men and for women. Herbs such as ylang ylang, anise, bergamot and more were carefully chosen and each bring their own set of unique benefits. In keeping with their strict focus on delivering the highest quality products possible, all of the hemp used is sourced exclusively from American farms. Rx Canna Care believes that all users should feel confident in the integrity of their CBD products. All Canna Intimate massage oils are third party lab tested to ensure transparency and reliability. Now is the perfect time to find out just how well CBD can integrate into your intimate moments! At Premium CBD Supply we are excited to offer the full range of Canna Intimate massage oils at the best prices available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping service you have come to expect!

BARE Massage Oil – A CBD massage lotion without any added chemicals or synthetics, perfect for both men and women.

Bonnie Balance Massage Oil – A CBD massage lotion for women, complete with a natural blend of female focused aphrodisiacs.

Clyde Over Drive Massage Oil – A CBD massage lotion for men, complete with a propriety blend of natural aphrodisiacs.