Hugs CBD Topicals comes to you from Austin, Texas. Presenting a CBD balm specifically formulated to be as gentle as it is powerful, Hugs CBD Topicals is built to appeal to any active lifestyle. When searching for a CBD balm to help aid your recovery after a rigorous fitness class or a long hike, the wide selection of options can be overwhelming. Hugs CBD has built its identity around providing exceptionally effective CBD blends, while being as accessible as possible for every day users. The Hugs CBD Relief Rub features cooling peppermint paired with a warming cayenne alongside its full spectrum CBD extract, helping to showcase just how effective mother nature can be when it comes to providing results. As indulgent as it is powerful, Hugs CBD has not cut any corners when it comes to quality either. Each topical arrives in clean and welcoming packaging, while being just the perfect size to fit into a gym bag or a purse. A stringent lab testing protocol, always performed by third party laboratories assures that each topical by Hugs CBD arrives just as advertised. You can always find the lab results right here at Premium CBD Supply, on both the product page and in our lab reports section. No matter what type of active lifestyle you live, if you are searching for a topical balm or cream to help get you back up and moving, Hugs CBD Topicals is sure to be an excellent choice. We are excited to offer the best of Hugs CBD Topicals at the very best prices available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping service that has made Premium CBD Supply your one stop shop when it comes to buying CBD online!

Relief Rub CBD Balm – A full spectrum relief rub complete with natural warming and cooling sensations, perfect for post-workout recovery.