Nirvana CBD Topicals comes to you from beautiful southern California. With clean white packaging featuring a colorful lion, the team at Nirvana CBD seeks to illustrate a sense of strength and energy which carries forth through their CBD infused lotions. Nirvana CBD Topicals present an array of broad spectrum CBD lotions which are purpose designed towards the promotion of an active lifestyle. Even upon first glance the quality of these topicals is second to none, and helps to illustrate why Nirvana CBD is quickly becoming one of the most recognizable names in the hemp world. Topicals represent an exciting space within the hemp market, as the wide variety of applications combined with the ability to craft innovative and unique blends of natural ingredients create an exciting landscape for users. In this respect Nirvana does not disappoint. The active lifestyle crowd has no shortage of options when it comes to CBD, and Nirvana presents well designed options that stand tall among the rest. For those who are seeking something with a more broad use application, a moisturizing body lotion infused with the same great broad spectrum CBD may very well be the perfect choice. From great hemp comes great final products, and in the case of Nirvana, no corners are cut. All hemp used in the manufacturing process is sourced exclusively from trusted hemp farmers in Oregon and Colorado. Manufacturing takes place at the company facility in California. Having full control over the ingredient sourcing and final processing helps to ensure that the final product is always up to their own high standards. This is further reinforced through a rigorous testing protocol, utilizing independent third party laboratories. The results are always available right here at Premium CBD Supply both on the individual product page as well as in our lab report section. We are excited to offer the entirety of the Nirvana CBD Topicals selection at the very best prices available and with the industry leading customer support and shipping service that has made Premium CBD Supply your one stop shop when it comes to buying CBD online!

Broad Spectrum CBD Roll-On – A broad spectrum CBD oil roll-on, featuring sweet almond oil, ylang ylang, lavender oil and more.

Broad Spectrum CBD Body Lotion – A broad spectrum CBD oil infused body lotion with coconut oil, yang ylang, chamomile and more.

Broad Spectrum CBD Muscle Recovery Lotion – A broad spectrum CBD oil infused lotion crafted with an active lifestyle in mind.