Over the course of the past several years the non-combustible vapor market has taken the world by storm. As such the technology has advanced leaps and bounds. This has undeniably had an incredible effect on the options available for those looking for alternative ways to enjoy CBD. The addition of flavor options and metered strength levels is just another added benefit of choosing vapor products over combustible products. Some of the recent entrants into the CBD vape marketplace are not new to flavor mixing. Naked 100 has changed the traditional vaping landscape with their impressive flavor selection and now stands to bring their most popular flavors to hemp. Dinner Lady has done the same after their famous Lemon Tart e juice has reached all corners of the world. Koi CBD has been a well known and trusted hemp brand name for years, and offer a variety of delicious flavors and strength levels. Others like Krypted and Urth have chosen to stay loyal to the natural hemp flavor and allow the original strain flavors to shine through. The choices don’t stop here. CBD vape additives are available through CBDfx and CBD Head Shots among others which give the option of adding CBD to your favorite traditional vape juice. Gone are the days of being confined to just a few options, with vape additives you have thousands of choices at your disposal. We are sure that the selection of CBD vape juice flavors will continue to grow and we remain committed to bringing the best of the best directly to your doorstep. At Premium CBD Supply we carry the most delicious and effective brands of CBD vape juice available, each complete with independent lab testing.