CBD Fusion Vape Juice is brought to you by CBD Fusion Brands offering a selection of vape juices designed to yield a flavorful CBD experience. At Premium CBD Supply we’re pleased to carry the entire line-up of flavors by CBD Fusion Vape Juice in 300mg offerings.

CBD Fusion is brought to you from sunny southern California. They offer a vast selection of CBD/Hemp products and solutions including their nano-infused CBD Fusion Water, CBD Ice Body Shots, Hemp Stix Honey, CBD Head Shots, CBD Joint Shots, Vape Additives, and much more! Come see why CBD Fusion Brands are sure to have a product that will satisfy your CBD needs. At Premium CBD Supply we’re pleased to carry their entire selection that offers a variety of CBD usage selections.

Cinnamon Roll – A rendition of a warm and soft cinnamon roll pastry covered in a creamy vanilla glaze.

Passion Fruit Orange Guava – An assortment of fresh tropical fruits blended to perfection.

Strawberry Cream – A delectable combination of fresh strawberries blended together with rich cream.

Watermelon Bubblegum – A juicy pink bubblegum infused with sweet mouth-watering watermelon.