Dinner Lady CBD Vape Juice combines CBD isolate and well known breakfast, candy and savory flavor profiles to create an unmatched flavor experience.

Dinner Lady CBD is brought to you from Blackburn, England. Having made a worldwide name for themselves with Dinner Lady E-Liquid products, they are now poised to enter the world of CBD with a vengeance. Offering both CBD vape juice and oil, Dinner Lady have harnessed their flavor making skills to provide a top of the line CBD experience. Each flavor is meticulously crafted to provide the ultimate line-up of delicious indulgences that will satisfy all your guilty pleasure needs. Come see how Dinner Lady has translated it’s famous Lemon Tart into the next CBD powerhouse. At Premium CBD Supply we’re pleased to carry Dinner Lady CBD Vape Juice and Dinner Lady CBD Oils with the fastest shipping and best prices available.

Lemon Tart– a delicious lemon pastry CBD isolate, sure to fulfill your breakfast CBD cravings.

Menthol Tobacco– an icy burst of eucalyptus menthol isolate CBD blended with an authentic tobacco flavor.

Sweet Fruits– an explosion of fruity chew flavored CBD isolate blended to perfection with a medley of fruits.

CBD Boost– an unflavored CBD isolate additive, to be added to your favorite e-liquid.