Hemp consumables are not a new phenomenon, but with the growing popularity of hemp derived products the selection is constantly growing. One of the most sought after characteristics of any hemp consumable is the ability to quickly and discretely get your daily dose of CBD.  Gummies remain the foundation but with time the range of options has grown and continues to expand. If you are after the traditional gummy route, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. In addition to the more common fruit variety, Koi CBD Gummies offers both standard tropical and sour tropical for those that want to add a bit of tart to their chews. CBDistillery Gummies offers an intriguing night time melatonin infused hemp gummy for those that need a little extra help in the evening.  With varying strengths and different flavor profiles Premium CBD Supply has a gummy choice for everyone. For those interested in more unconventional options, be sure to check out CBD Fusion Edibles for their hemp derived water and edible honey stix. The drinkable CBD selection has continued to expand, even beyond water. Don’t miss CBDfx Edible’s chill shot selection for a convenient and tasty shot of delicious hemp derived CBD any time of day. The level of innovation and increasing variety of options that are becoming available is increasing by the day. We are committed to constantly expanding our selection in order to stay on the cutting edge of hemp consumables. At Premium CBD Supply we offer the most reputable hemp consumables available anywhere, each backed up by independent laboratory testing.