Krypted Hemp Isolate offers a selection of versatile broad spectrum or flavored isolates designed to be added to warm liquids or placed under the tongue. A raw and straightforward addition to your daily CBD regimen, hemp isolate brings you the terpenes and CBD that you are searching for, with an added degree of flexibility. This Ventura County California based team has already built a giant name for itself in the vape juice world with it’s hit Ripe Vapes lineup, and it’s reputation for quality manufacturing follows it into the hemp space. Using only the finest hemp and combining it with their world class flavor blending skills produces a selection of isolate CBD products that are as tasty as they are effective. Whether you are looking for a broad spectrum plant strain, or a mellow and relaxing strawberry lemonade, Krypted Hemp Isolate aims to satisfy your every craving while providing an industry leading CBD experience. Discover the high level of quality that made VCT and Key Lime Cookie mainstays in the vapor industry with Krypted Hemp Isolate! At Premium CBD Supply we are excited to offer the full selection of Krypted Hemp Isolate products at the best prices available and with the superior shipping and customer support you have come to expect.

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Mango – A Co2 extracted hemp isolate infused with full-flavored, mouth-watering, juicy mango.

OG Kush – A broad spectrum hemp isolate infused with floral natural tones finished off with a touch of citrus.

Sour Diesel – A broad spectrum hemp isolate infused with mouth-watering tangy limes and sour lemons.

Strawberry Lemonade – A Co2 extracted hemp isolate infused with a crisp, sweet, strawberry lemonade.

Sunset Watermelon – A Co2 extracted hemp isolate infused with ripe, juicy, sweet watermelon.

White Peach – A Co2 extracted hemp isolate infused with sweet and succulent peachy goodness.