Lazarus Naturals Edibles come to you from the Northwest Pacific State of Oregon. Edibles have long been valued by CBD users for their convenient and discreet nature, and this well rounded selection goes a long way in providing yet another high quality CBD option. Lazarus Naturals Edibles presents their versatile CBD Coconut Oil alongside a wide range of capsules each with their own unique set of use cases. When it comes to the hemp derived CBD world, Lazarus Naturals is in a category all of its own. A true hemp company, their mission is to create the world’s most exceptional CBD products, in pursuit of their mission to ensure that people everywhere have access to products which bring benefits to their lives. Lazarus owns their own hemp farms, located in central Oregon which provide the hemp for the entirety of their full spectrum selection. All other products are sourced from trusted local Oregon farms, all of which are certified under the Oregon Department of Agriculture Hemp Research Pilot Program. The ability to have full control over the quality of their hemp means that Lazarus CBD options are always held to their own very high standard. In addition, each product is tested at numerous stages of the manufacturing process for potency, pesticides, heavy metals and more. Final lab reports are always available right here at Premium CBD Supply. Integrity is key when considering a CBD option and Lazarus Naturals sets a high bar when it comes to ensuring that their products are effective and represented accurately. If you are looking for the best CBD edibles, the Lazarus Naturals range of CBD Edibles provides an excellent starting point. At Premium CBD Supply we are excited to offer the very best of the Lazarus Naturals Edibles selection at the best prices available, and with the industry leading customer support and shipping service that you have come to expect. 

CBD Coconut Oil – A full spectrum CBD extract blended with organic coconut oil, an excellent addition to any recipe.

Full Spectrum CBD Capsules – a full spectrum CBD soft-gel, a discreet and flavorless CBD option.

Energy Blend CBD Capsules – A CBD isolate soft-gel, with an added boost of L-Theanine and caffeine.

Relaxation Blend CBD Capsules – A CBD isolate soft-gel, infused with chamomile and ashwagandha extract.