In today’s day and age our furry friends are quite literally members of our family. It should come as no surprise that when people see the positive effects of CBD on their lives, they look to offer the same to their pets. Just like us, pets are subject to the aches and pains that come with age and at one time pet owners were forced to improvise CBD solutions for their animals. Thankfully today we have several well respected CBD manufacturers who are paying extra special attention to the smallest members of our family. Koi Pets offer CBD infused dog treats that your animal will love. All dogs love treats, and although they may not realize it, they will love the relief they get at the same time. Hemp pet options are not restricted to treats either. Just as with humans, tinctures, such as that offered by CBDistillery are a practical and flexible way of administering CBD to your pet. Whether you choose to administer orally or by dropping into food you will have option and ability to size the dosage appropriately to the size and weight of your pet. CBDfx Pets helps make this task simpler, by offering three strength levels designed for small, medium and large pets specifically. Terra Vita goes one step further by using wild Alaskan salmon oil in their pet tinctures, to give an extra bit of taste that your animals will crave. In addition to the recently released pet sprays, we are sure that there will be even more innovation to come as more trusted manufacturers leap into the hemp pet world. At Premium CBD Supply we are committed to carrying the most effective hemp pet products, each bringing with it the trust of independent laboratory testing.