CBDistillery Pet brings you a line-up of hemp oil tinctures specifically designed for your favorite four legged companions. Pet owners everywhere have been discovering the benefits CBD can play in their pets lives and we are sure you will too. Whether you choose to apply orally to your animal or add it to their food, this versatile hemp oil is yet another example CBDistillery’s outstanding portfolio of hemp products. CBDistillery has already earned a stellar reputation for it’s high quality hemp oil based products, ranging from their outstanding tinctures to their gummies. Bringing the same American grown, non-GMO hemp to our pets is a point of pride for the company, and the results speak for themselves. As opposed to their human tincture offerings which are MCT oil based, these pet tinctures use organic cold pressed hemp seed oil, designed specifically to be animal friendly.  All of their products are independently lab tested, ensuring reliability and consistency across the board. Now is the perfect time to find out how this team of experts in Colorado continue to demonstrate why they are leaders in CBD innovation. Your pets will thank you! At Premium CBD Supply we are excited to offer CBDistillery Pet products at the best prices available and with the outstanding customer support and shipping you have come to expect.

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CBD Pet Tincture – A flavorless organic cold-pressed hemp seed oil designed for your furry friends.