Top 5 CBD Tinctures for Fall 2019

Here at Premium CBD Supply we are constantly on the lookout for the latest and greatest CBD products to add to our ever growing catalog. Each and every use category from tinctures all the way to topicals have seen outstanding growth over the past several months. In the month of September our focus was squarely on finding and adding powerhouse CBD brands to stand alongside our already strong stable of manufacturers. In other cases, established Premium CBD Supply partners have debuted new products which make their first appearances in our catalog. The tincture selection has seen robust growth and represents a highlight for this upcoming fall season. Here are 6 of the best CBD tinctures available right now at Premium CBD Supply as we head into the autumn season.

Lazarus Naturals Tincture – Representing one of the most exciting brands to be added to our selection, Lazarus Naturals aims to set the standard when it comes to hemp extract manufacturing. As a vertically integrated company, all of their full spectrum CBD products are produced using hemp grown exclusively on company owned farms in Oregon. Their tincture selection is simple, while at the same time world class. Choose between a series of complementary flavors or enjoy unflavored natural tinctures and find out why Lazarus Naturals is quickly rising to the top of the discussion in terms of highly regarded CBD.

CBDistillery Tincture – By no means a new development when it comes to Premium CBD Supply’s catalog, CBDistillery has put their packaging through a bit of a face-lift. Although the look may have evolved, CBDistillery tincture remains a front runner in the CBD world thanks to their impeccable attention to quality. Flavored drops are nowhere to be found as the Colorado based manufacturer is keen to simply let the results speak for themselves. The packaging redesign prioritizes the consumer, providing clean and professional packaging that clearly illustrates the strength of the serving size, as opposed to the full bottle CBD contents. Transparency and integrity is a key aspect of what CBDistillery brings to the table, and their new packaging is a success in all respects.

Pachamama Tincture – A wide step outside of the traditional tincture box is what helps Pachamama stand out with their range of full spectrum CBD tinctures. Blending their exceptional hemp extract with carefully chosen traditional herbs creates a unique and powerful blend that has helped the Colorado based team make a significant impact in their debut. While still a relative newcomer to the Premium CBD Supply line-up, our CBD users are already reporting back glowing reviews of these innovative tinctures, and help to earn Pachamama a well deserved place among the best CBD tinctures of fall 2019.

SMPLSTC Tincture – A brand that has been offered on the Premium CBD Supply platform for some time, SMPLSTC continues to impress and gain fans across the country. Their selection of full spectrum CBD and purpose chosen terpenes allow them to speak directly to the consumer and help to ensure that the right product can be easily found to fit their needs. At Premium CBD Supply we place a heavy emphasis on selecting brands to which serve their users to the highest level, and SMPLSTC is proving one customer at a time that they fit the bill. Going into the fall of 2019, SMPLSTC tinctures remain a top choice for customers seeking quality and consistency across the board.

Koi Naturals Tincture – Representing a sprawling selection of top tier tinctures, Koi Naturals offers a vast range of flavors and strengths designed to meet the needs and wants of just about any CBD user. A company who has helped to forge the quickly growing CBD market, Koi has made its name in part by its never ending pursuit towards establishing the industry standard for quality. When dealing with any Koi product, they aim to ensure that each and every experience is every bit as positive as the last. An impressive selection of flavors and potency levels combined with top of its class quality combine to earn Koi Naturals tinctures a deserved place among the top tinctures of fall 2019.

CBD Tinctures at Premium CBD Supply

We at Premium CBD Supply place a high bar for manufacturers to meet in order to be considered for addition to our catalog. It is our mission to ensure that when one is searching for a CBD tincture to bring into their life, that the line-up found at Premium CBD Supply exudes nothing short of excellence. The above list of the top 6 CBD tinctures for fall of 2019 represent this mission to the maximum extent. No matter which brand serves your needs the best, we are sure that each and every selection will demonstrate quality at every turn. Going into autumn we have no plans of slowing down, either. Check back often because we are soon to be adding even more manufacturers and brands, each of which are committed to the same lofty standards of quality. As your go to choice for buying CBD online, we look forward to wowing you with our top-shelf brands, personalized customer support and exceptional shipping service that you deserve.