The Topic of CBD Topicals: Indulgence

Topic of CBD Topicals: Indulgence

Self-care is something that to some degree, everybody partakes in. Whether it be taking a long hot shower after a hectic day, or enjoying a relaxing massage, these activities and habits help keep us grounded. As CBD has become more well known and understood, consumers have been searching for ways to add hemp extracted CBD to their relaxing moments. CBD manufacturers have been more than happy to oblige, bringing to market a wide range of CBD products specifically designed to be helpful as well as indulgent. In this, our final edition of ‘The Topic of CBD Topicals’ we will highlight and discuss the various CBD self-care topicals that are as pleasant to use as they are beneficial!

Indulge with CBD Topicals!

From skin scrubs to massage oils to bath bombs and more, there are many ways to help incorporate CBD products into your daily routine. At Premium CBD Supply we are committed to finding, and offering you the very best CBD self-care products that are not only beneficial, but also incredibly indulgent! Here are some of the most indulgent options available, right now, at Premium CBD Supply!

CBD Damage Control Mask by Elevate CBD Cosmetics – Treat your face to you a restorative and relaxing experience with Elevate’s brilliant CBD Damage Control Mask. Combining a blend of essential vitamins, chamomile and beta glucan with American sourced CBD, this facial mask is an escape from the stresses of life while at the same time expertly conceived in order to keep your skin feeling its best.

Pink Grapefruit CBD Lotion by Koi CBD – People have long been using lotions as part of a distinctly relaxing and helpful addition to their daily routine. Koi CBD takes this a step further by presenting a luxurious grapefruit scent with their highly respected hemp CBD extract. Ensure that your skin is moisturized and feeling fresh while at the same time enjoying the incredibly spirit lifting scent of pink grapefruit.

Rosehip Neem CBD Sugar Scrub by Relax Organics – Few things in life are more indulgent than a trip to the spa. Relax Organics aims to bring you the spa experience in your own home, with the added benefit of hemp extracted CBD. Rosehip Need CBD Sugar Scrub presents a cane sugar based scrub infused with rosehip and neem that is expertly designed to leave your skin feeling exfoliated and fresh, without an expensive trip to the spa.

Calm Lavender CBD Roll On by Ignite CBD – Ignite brings an aroma-therapy experience into the realm of CBD topicals with Calm Lavender CBD Roll On. Using a CBD isolate infused oil, this is a CBD topical that is as easy to use as it is calming. Relax after a long day with the soothing scent of lavender while enjoying a CBD experience which is second to none.

CBD Coffee Scrub by De La Beuh – When a CBD brand is focused exclusively on its craft the results are often incredible. This is exactly the case with De La Beuh and it’s excellent CBD Coffee Scrub. Blending rich coffee with carefully sourced American hemp CBD extract brings you an exfoliating body scrub that is an absolute treat.

Rose Petal CBD Bath Bomb by CBD Fusion TopicalBath bombs have been growing in popularity over the past few years and for good reason. The ability to add a scented and colorful element to a perfectly relaxing bath is without a question a sought after indulgence. Rose Petal CBD Bath Bomb brilliantly presents this experience with the added bonus of CBD to take your evening bath time to the next level. Immerse yourself in the floral aromas of rose petals while you melt the stress of daily life away.

Bonnie Balance CBD Massage Oil by Canna Intimate – Canna Intimate set out on a mission to bring the CBD revolution into the bedroom with their unique range of CBD infused massage oils. With selections tailored to both men and women, including carefully chosen aphrodisiacs, Canna Intimate is sure to be a hit in the bedroom. Bonnie Balance CBD Massage Oil is an excellent bedroom massage oil which is designed with women in mind. Relax with your significant other and enjoy all of the benefits of CBD all at the same time!

CBD Topical Indulgence at Premium CBD Supply!

At Premium CBD Supply we understand that modern life presents an ever increasing number of stresses. It is all the more important that we take the time to pay attention to our own well-being. You have just read about a wide variety of products that accomplish the mission of doing just that. Whether you prefer a soothing bath bomb or an exfoliating skin scrub, or anything in between, you are sure to find the perfect solution to help melt your stress. Our mission is to help you find your new favorite CBD product while at the same time bringing you the unbeatable value of our fast free shipping and personalized customer service. We look forward to bringing you the best and most sought after indulgent CBD topicals, and proving that when it comes to buying CBD online, there is no better choice than Premium CBD Supply!