What Are Terpenes?

What Are Terpenes?

Your Definitive Guide to CBD Terpenes

Full spectrum and broad spectrum CBD products very often tout the fact that they are rich in terpenes. Many CBD users are aware of the fact that terpenes naturally occur in many plants, including the hemp plant. But what are terpenes, and how are why are the valued? At Premium CBD Supply we encourage all CBD consumers to be in the know about every product we offer. Today we will break down several of the most common terpenes and explain what makes them special, while we explore the wide world of CBD terpenes!

The Basics of Terpenes

Without even knowing, everyone has been interacting with terpenes for the majority of their lives. Terpenes naturally occur in a wide range of plants, which have evolved over time to use the powerful terpene scents to deter predators and other wildlife. In other cases the strong scents are used to attract predators in order to deter herbivores from harming the plant. Terpenes are organic compounds which impart many of the distinctive smells and scents which we have come to incorporate into countless areas of our lives. The aroma of citrus fruit, pine cones, lavender and flowers all can thank terpenes for their distinctive characteristics. As such, you have almost certainly been experiencing the effects of terpenes for years.

Terpenes, CBD and the Entourage Effect

Now that we have a better understanding as to why terpenes exist and how they are immediately recognizable, why would CBD users choose to seek them out? There are two answers, both of which are equally important. The first and longest standing use case for terpenes is fairly easily explained; flavor. Many cannabis users have long sought out various strains for their unique aroma and taste. These aromas and tastes occur naturally in the plant and allow for a distinct flavor experience from strain to strain. Many users often pointed to different flavored strains and would use them specifically to address different areas of their lives.

This leads into the second reason CBD users seek out certain terpenes; helpful effects. Specific cannabis strains have often been seen as great for sleep, others better for the morning, and so on. These terpenes, such as those found in lavender and citrus and others have long been used in similar use cases by various cultures for thousands of years. Many of these helpful terpenes can be found in hemp strains, alongside CBD and many hemp extract users seek them out for these benefits. Over the past twenty years, some researchers have hypothesized that the co-existent relationship between CBD and terpenes may play a role in amplifying each others effects, thereby making each more effective. As of today there has not been definitive scientific proof for the entourage effect, or how and why it works, despite widespread anecdotal reports from consumers. Nevertheless terpenes continue to be sought after for distinctive properties. Here are several examples of common terpenes, and why consumers are continuously seeking them out.


Myrcene is one of the most commonly found terpenes in hemp plants. It is also found in high concentrations in common fruits and herbs such as mangoes, hops, thyme, lemongrass and basil, among countless others. Myrcene is thought to have a calming effect, thereby it is popular amongst users seeking a relaxing CBD experience.


Linalool presents itself in over 200 different plants, and is recognizable by its lavender scent. Linalool appears in hemp extract products frequently, and historically has been sought after by cannabis users for its sedative properties, believed by some to address anxiety. Users have also touted linalool for its mild relief properties, however once again the scientific evidence is still emerging.


Limonene is quickly noticeable thanks to its strong citrus scent, and presents itself in a wide variety of hemp strains. Although not explained yet by science, cannabis users have sought out limonene packed strains for a mood boosting effect. Whether this effect can be explained by the lemon fresh scent most often associated with this terpene, or whether it has a chemical effect is not yet well understood. Nevertheless there is widespread scientific interest in limonenes potential benefits across a broad variety of use cases.


Pinene imparts upon hemp products a robust pine scent and aroma that is often sought after by users seeking a refreshing and earthy experience. From a use case perspective, little is understood about potential beneficial effects of pinene, but the science is focused upon learning more about possible anti-inflammatory benefits.

Full Spectrum and Broad Spectrum CBD at Premium CBD Supply

At Premium CBD Supply one of our foremost goals is to offer CBD products that fit everyone’s unique needs. Although the scientific evidence for these terpenes has not reached the level to which any manufacturer is able to claim these benefits as fact, users may continue to use them for a variety of purposes. Take the time to explore each of the full spectrum and broad spectrum products available right now at Premium CBD Supply, and discover which unique blend of CBD and terpenes is the right fit for you. We look forward to proving why our vast selection, industry leading shipping and personalized customer support has made Premium CBD Supply the go-to choice when it comes to buying CBD online!