Who Is Using CBD?

CBD has seen rapid growth over the past several years, especially following the legalization of industrial hemp via the 2018 Farm Bill. As consumers begin to experience and use of hemp derived CBD for the first time, it gives us an interesting opportunity to explore the data and finally answer the question of exactly who is using CBD, why, and how. The Center for Medical Cannabis Education, did a survey of over 2400 CBD users that aims to these questions. The answers are surprising. They indicate that older generations are gravitating towards CBD at numbers that exceed that of younger generations. This data is helpful in learning much more about what the usage and demographic indicators of CBD mean in an ever growing and evolving space.

Men and Women: Who uses CBD more?

Unsurprisingly the split between men and women is fairly even but women take a slight edge. Overall, 1087 of the respondents indicated they were female, while 1013 indicated they were male. Of the population pool which answered the question, 50.87% were female and 47.40% were male. Women taking the slight edge represents a bit of a surprise and bodes well for the future of a market in which a wide range of products specifically designed for women can succeed.

Age Demographics

The age demographics which came to light as a result of this survey are possibly the most interesting piece of the puzzle. The majority of respondents, 24.1% fall into the 55-64 year old range. Those under the age of 34 years old represent a scant 18% of the overall respondents. Another way of looking at the same numbers, 82% of the respondents are 35 years old or higher. These are surprising numbers which indicate that the older generations are the primary early adopters of the CBD revolution. The reasons behind seeing such a drastic majority of older users could help to indicate why people are gravitating towards CBD products.

Why Are People Using CBD

It is impossible to detail why people are deciding to try CBD without talking about medical conditions. It is important to note that Premium CBD Supply nor any of the brands carried on our platform are able to make any claim with respect to a CBD products efficacy to cure or treat any health condition. In fact, it is wise to avoid any brand who does make similar health claims, as the Federal Government has not approved of any such use for CBD products.

With that said, respondents to the survey were asked to list whether they were using CBD to treat a medical condition, and if so, which medical condition. Nearly 62% of CBD users indicated that they were using CBD to treat some sort of medical condition. Of these, the top five use cases reported for CBD products by respondents were pain, arthritis or joint pain, anxiety, depression and insomnia. Approximately 36% reported that CBD worked “very well by itself,” while 4.3% of respondents indicated that it worked “not very well” with respect to their conditions. The study authors concluded that such results indicate a need for greater research into the health effects of CBD. As such, all users or interested users of CBD should never substitute CBD for any prescribed medications, and always consult a medical professional before using any CBD product.

How Are People Taking CBD?

This study was conducted in 2017 and 2018, and since that time the industry has been quickly evolving. At the time of the survey the most popular method for taking CBD was via sublingual tinctures. Tinctures were followed in descending order by vaping, capsules or pills, and lastly by an even distribution of liquids, edibles and topicals. Nearly 40% of respondents indicated that they use CBD products daily. Approximately 41% learned about CBD from a family member or a friend, 38% from internet research and 27% learned about CBD from their physician or a naturopathic doctor. In the one and a half years since this study was conducted there have been countless innovations in the CBD space, and the methods available for incorporating CBD products are ever expanding.

The CBD Revolution at Premium CBD Supply

At Premium CBD Supply we are always committed to learning more about why consumers are choosing to incorporate CBD into their lives. We strive to be your go to choice when it comes to buying CBD online, and knowledge is an integral piece of being able to serve you better. We are dedicated to continuing to be on the cutting edge of the rapidly growing CBD space and offering the very best products for whatever goals you may have in mind. Browse our wide catalog of CBD tinctures, topicals, pet products, vapor products, edibles and much more while enjoying the industry leading customer support and shipping service that has made Premium CBD Supply your go to online CBD store.